If Gmod gets ported to Mac, we might get Linbins?

Well, I apologise if this has been mentioned elsewhere but I thought being a server related topic, it’d be ok in here.

Hell could freeze over within the next year or so. Garry has mentioned that if garrysmod is ported to Mac, there might be a possibility of Linbins ( http://www.garry.tv/?p=1556#comment-38359338 ).

I personally would switch our servers over in a heartbeat once a stable release was uploaded, but so you think as we’re so use to using windows, would it be worth the effort and possibility of downtime during the initial release?

Feedback and opinions from other System Admins would be much appreciated.

I would definitely switch our boxes over! 90% of our problems seem to be caused by Windows… Also, SSH. <3

I’ll be sticking to windows purely because I don’t pay a licensing cost (Yay for hosts with site licences). Plus in a mission-critical environment it’s quicker to fix problems by clicking buttons than it is to type loads of console commands.

We’re gradually phasing out our Linux boxes at work for that very reason. Plus the fact that all of the cool stuff is with Microsoft at the moment IMO.

If I were to start from scratch, I would probably go for a Linux-based set up because it generally has much better web-based control panels (ever tried SwiftPanel? It’s glorious!).

But for everyone else with a little spare time, basic knowledge in linux, and on a budget, a Linux box is ideal, and also cheaper to rent at professional server hosts.

Grammar ect, gonna fix it tommorow.

Will stick with Windows with our current servers. Just because we run other software too which requires Windows. However, new machines might get Linux then.

I really hope we do. I’ve been trying to run servers on Linux using wine for the longest time now and they’ve never worked properly–now they don’t work at all, and I’ve just given up.

Linux servers have a very strong position because of what you can do with them. Shell scripting compared to batch? Shell wins every time because of the amount you can do with it.

I’ve always had some form of Linux machine, be it an actual box or a VPS somewhere purely because I like the challenge of playing with it. I’d much prefer to fix Linux problems on my terms though, they’re rarely based around common sense. The huge projects like Apache are excellently documented (I’ll also mention that IIS 7.0 is simply godlike for troubleshooting because very possible error message is on MS’s help site). Smaller projects are slightly harder to deal with though.

I’m trying to keep this as unbiased as possible. I’ve always been a Windows user because I like the way it works and it’s much more mainstream - meaning a much higher level of support in general. Plus something like Photosynth wouldn’t be possible at this moment in time if a commercial company wasn’t running it.

I wanted SwiftPanel, but since I run a gmod community(clan) I have to ‘rent’ TCAdmin. TCAdmin is one of the worst panels ever. Over used and if one thing goes wrong everything or something gets fucked up.

End result is renting shit and getting shit. Sure it gets the job done but, sucks while doing it.