If GMod is installed with Portal, will there there only be Portal props?

I’m gifting Garry’s mod 10 to a friend and I need to know if her only having Portal installed will make a serious difference such as only having portal props and not props/models from Half Life 2. Or do all source games come with the props from Half Life 2?

All source games have the Half-Life 2 props. However, you will not be able to use props from any other game you don’t have other than Half-Life 2.

Thought so. However I’m pretty sure buying counter strike will add on the props automatically right?

Um, correct me if I’m mistaken, but i don’t think Portal comes with the source engine. Which means your friend wont be able to run gmod anyway. that’s why i bought the whole orange box and gmod instead of just portal and gmod.

I’m pretty sure it does. I mean, Garry’s Mod can only recieve the props and guns from source games and you can get all the props from that game.

He said in the OP that his friend already had Portal.

Portal does in fact come with the source engine. Here’s the proof: Start Portal. Open console. Look at top right of screen.

Source Engine Build #######

There you go. I got GMod, Portal, all the Half Life games and TF2. I have all of their props in GMod. And yes, Half-Life 2 props should work when she has only Portal installed. (Half-Life props ships with GMod, but you must have a Source Engine game installed first.)