If gmod tower was open source?

Before I start I just want to clarify that in no means I ever want to see GMT become open source.

What do you guys think if one day GMT became open source. What do you think would happen to the GMOD community. I personally think it would become a gamemode as saturated as DarkRP with a bunch of servers with tags such as Custom Hats!|Modded Arcade Maxhines|50mil gmc start!|

God forbid if this was to ever happen… lol

IMO, not really. Because kids wont be able to pay for servers to run a gamemode like that.

I dunno, I think there could be some upsides to the huge list of negatives

Gmod Tower is hosted in America, as far as I know, so players from the UK and Europe could benefit from it becoming open source. Stuff like Minigolf only has 16 slots, with two servers, which can leave players waiting quite a while

You could probably pull it off with a 8 core vps to be honest.

I kinda like it private. I don’t wanna log on someday and see three thousand Gmod Towers.

they should just release minigolf as a standalone thing so millions of people can host it and i can finally play it all day and maybe people will actually make new maps for it

And Ultimate Chimera Hunt. It’s glorious.

It is OpenSource.
But it haven’t been update since 2010 and uses Fretta. So it needs a bit more polish to be ready for Gmod 13.

The updated version is on Workshop. It’s pretty fun.

I don’t think it should become open source. It’s well managed at the moment and nice being under one system (in regards to coins and everything), but one thing I couldn’t agree more on is EU servers.

You never know, even though you need like 7 server for each individual gamemode, but shit…