If gmod were to change engine. Would it get entirely different base content?

edit: to a newer version of source

Would we be using stuff (models, weapons, npcs,textures,sounds) from alien swarm/l4d/dota 2/portal 2/ episode 3 / csgo rather than the stuff we have now? (tf2,css,hl2,dod etc)

What would you think about this?

(yes, i know that it would break nearly everything)

No, you wouldn’t get any of the content gmod uses now, because it wouldn’t be able to use Source content through mounting

If gmod switched from source, it would be entirely different.

He means switch branches…

But Garry could implement the model loading from the current source branch (ob engine) into a different source branch (eg portal 2 engine) if I’m not mistaken, and if he did we could use the same content that we have now + whatever engine branch he moved to. But he’s not going to switch engine branches until episode 3, or whatever the next source “trunk” branch is.

He’s said it before - he’s not switching engines.

^ wasn’t he going too… just not yet?

He said he will be staying on the main source engine, moving to any of the newer engines (L4D, Portal 2) will lead to a dead end branch of the engine

But… episode 3/ half life 3? (episode 3 engine probably being dota 2’s engine updated)

Episode 3 or Half Life 3 will most likely run the main version of Source, though it might get lots of updates

either way stop bumping this, they’re not changing it