If GMod2 wasn't called GMod2, what would it be called?

As an idea from the man himself,

What would you have a second Gmod be called?

I shall contribute a first option; Second GMod. It’s simple and it rolls off the tongue quite easily.


Garry’s Cash Cow v2


Damn, I figured this would be the right section for it!

Garry’s Mod Rebirth

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roleplay simulator

Garry’s Other Mod

Holy cow, I did not know that! Thanks

Garry’s Game

JBMod 4

Rust II

:snip: late


I get tired of supporting my games and let others update for me mod


Bill Withers - Lovely day : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYi7uEvEEmk

Gmod: The Second One

I dare you to try to support a sandbox game on an archaic engine for 10 years with a community that doesn’t thank you for what you do

Garry’s Mod: A Tail of Two Kitties