If Half-Life 2 were re-released...

So I wound up incredibly bored at work, and decided to remake HL2’s menu screen in a more recent Valve style, based loosely around the way the Left 4 Dead series and Counter Strike: Global Offensive did theirs. Getting banned from the forum gave me plenty of time to refine it.



And yes, it’s supposed to be that deeply orange tinted. I think it helps emphasize the series’ signature color, just as CS:GO did with blue/gray.

I’d still go so far as to call this an evolving work, as I think it could stand to improve. What do you guys think, though?

I don’t think Valve would put Gordon on it though like that, since they never show Gordon ingame and wants to leave it to the player’s imagination how he looks like, with the cover art for the game being an exception.
But I do love it, I’m hoping Half Life (Episode) Three will have a menu like the new Portal 2 and CS:GO menus.

Haha, yup. My thoughts exactly.

I don’t have much to say but, awesome.

Gordon’s ex: Freeman’s revolution.

He looks kinda sleepy, like he’s dozing off.

I tried for an exhausted sort of expression. I mean, you would be too after a couple chapters in his HEV shoes.

No load game slot?

Click “Story” and it brings you to a New/Load menu with savestate images for each file.

Man, I might have to make a whole UI mockup.

Updates to Half-life 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

-Major UI revamp.
-New Coop mode up to 4 player.
-Over the shoulder view with the all new Freeman model.

And if you go deeper.

You forgot “HL2:DM is now included by default, with optional matchmaking features”

Well, this is so awesome.