If I copy the contents of ExitE mod into the GMod (Retail) folder...

Would it:

  1. Fuck up GMod

  2. Install portal gun successfully.

Hm. Worth a try. Worst that happens is that you have to delete your gmod folder.

It’d probably fuck it up.

Yep, totally fucked up. I tried sometihng similar, it fucked up either my CS:S and my GMod 10, but pray to flying spaghetti monster I could redo it completely.

So you plan on puting a folder that doesn’t belong in a folder, and wondering if it will mess it up?

No, go ahead, should install the portal gun perfectly.

Just incase you didn’t get the message, yes it will screw up your game. It will try and load dlls for a completely different game, screwing it up. Make this a future lesson for you; Mods for a game don’t work for another game and vice versa.

Uh… don’t replace the DLLs?