If I don't have CSS, will I not be able to use info_player_terrorist spawns and info_player_counterterrorist spawns?

(Sorry, I had no idea which section to put this in, it involves both mapping and development, heh) So, I’ve set the specific team spawns in a gamemode I’m making to info_player_terrorist and info_player_counterterrorist; the spawn entities used in hammer that are in the map I was using. So, I’ve been having a problem, though. I just spawn at a random place no matter which team I’m on. I also don’t have CSS. Could this be the reason that I don’t spawn on the proper set spawnpoints, or do I have to use info_terror and stuff instead of info_player_terrorist for example? Also, while you’re at it, while terrorists have info_terror, what is the other info name for counter terrorists(besides info_player_counterterrorist)?(If you’re wondering why I know this stuff about CSS, it is because I have CSS content on my computer, it was on my old account; however on my new account it won’t mount and I don’t have it).

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I thought someone would say that. I had no idea which place to put this in, as it involves both mapping and developing. Oh well, let’s see if there is someone who can help me with it at maps.

You can use those entities in Garry’s Mod without having CS:S mounted.

Oh. Weird. Why isn’t it working then? Should I use things like info_terror instead of the info_player entities?

Here, take a look at this: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26074909/tutoring/_systems/playerselectspawn_system.lua.html

ie, download this: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26074909/tutoring/_redistributable/acecooldev_base/entities/entities/info_mobile_spawn.lua

They’re simple point entities which are very basic and easy to create / use… Basically, just a text file with ENT.Type = “point”;

Drop them into addons/spawnpoints/lua/entities/* where * is <name>.lua for the spawn-point entity…

The entities already ship with the game.

What is not working? “not working” is never helpful.