If I don't have CSS, will I not be able to use info_player_terrorist spawns and info_player_counterterrorist spawns?

(Sorry, I had no idea which section to put this in, it involves both mapping and development, heh) So, I’ve set the specific team spawns in a gamemode I’m making to info_player_terrorist and info_player_counterterrorist; the spawn entities used in hammer that are in the map I was using. So, I’ve been having a problem, though. I just spawn at a random place no matter which team I’m on. I also don’t have CSS. Could this be the reason that I don’t spawn on the proper set spawnpoints, or do I have to use info_terror and stuff instead of info_player_terrorist for example? Also, while you’re at it, while terrorists have info_terror, what is the other info name for counter terrorists(besides info_player_counterterrorist)?(If you’re wondering why I know this stuff about CSS, it is because I have CSS content on my computer, it was on my old account; however on my new account it won’t mount and I don’t have it).(This is a reupload post from the “developer discussion” section, as I had no idea where to post this question, as it involves both mapping and coding, so I decided to post it on both).

You can map for CSS in another game if you want. You just make an entity and set it to “info_player_counterterrorist” and set the proper keyvalues (if there are anything, spawns only have “angles”)

It’ll show up as a

, but it’ll still function.