If I get a Garry's Mod server can I switch gamemodes?

I want to get a Gmod DarkRP server but I was thinking “what if I gey bored of darkrp” so then I thought “well maybe I can just change the gamemode”
So my question is if I get a garrys mod server, can I alternate between gamemodes?


no, its locked forever.

not only that, its region locked. If you buy a server in texas, the server is only accessible by texans, and the gamemode is automatically made a western RP

On top of that, you get auto-vac banned if you try changing the gamemode

I work for garry and this is correct :v:

[sp]anyone who believes this is an idiot[/sp]

Yes you can change the easily by just installing another one and setting that as your default gamemode.

Setting up a server:

FastDL: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26074909/tutoring/server_srcds_steamcmd/fastdl_setup_instructions.lua.html


How many times do you plan on copy and pasting this today? Your tutorials just over complicate it and for some odd reason are written in lua files so random words get syntax highlighting just to distract the reader.