If I get banned on Garrysmod.org

Does my Steam ID get perma’d even though i’ve bought games?

Your SteamID won’t work on garrysmod.org, but you’ll still be able to play games, if that’s what you mean. Garry doesn’t have the power to ban you from your games… or at least, I don’t think he does…

You won’t be able to sign into garrysmod.org I assume. You’ll still be able to use GMod and all your other games.

But I heard that steam can sue you from what you post. OR atleast valve can, since valve owns parts of Garrys mod now, so if I go on their sites and post something here that was there, They can legally remove my steam ID, and also all games even though I payed.



It also bans you from playing Gmod for a while, too. I think

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No, I doubt Valve will go after you for posting a nasty comment, or one model from Left 4 Dead, or something, and they certainly wouldn’t ban your SteamID. You won’t be banned from playing GMod, because GMod doesn’t know what your garrysmod.org account is.

Yes, but the moderators do. Remember that you sign in from steam.
And most of the site moderators play Garrys mod 9 and 11, so I doubt it will be hard for them to kick you off their servers and communicate with server leaders.

Yes, but the moderators aren’t watching you all the time. You’ll be fine.

Don’t be a moron. You get banned from garrysmod.org it is just that.

No conspiracies, the end.

Don’t get such a big dick. GOD!

And yes the only thing that’ll happen is that you just get banned fully from the site and you can’t sign back in unless you make a new account and re-buy Garry’s Mod again. And no the people who tell you that Valve will sue you, are stupid, I myself have said horrible things and haven’t gotten sued, but I haven’t gotten banned either though so don’t worry :stuck_out_tongue:

i find it hypocritical to call someone a dick for calling someone a moron but thats just me

Nope, you’ll still be able to play steam games, thats what I thought as well :hawaaaafap:

Hmm you really haven’t seen Tourettes guy now have you? If you have then hopefully you should remember that in the damn video. Also I was kidding around. But it also was uncalled for when the kid has just pretty much either just got Garry’s Mod or just found garrsymod.org and wanted to know a few things that’s all :slight_smile: Or just new to steam entirely.

Instead of banning somebody from GMod.org, I don’t see why Garry doesn’t just remove the ability to post comments. Not allowing somebody to download custom content is pretty ridiculous in my opinion.


Remove the ability to post comments for banned users, I mean.*

He does. I was banned from posting comments for some CC on someone’s “contraption.” I can still download shit.