If I had my way, I'd have all'a ya' SHOT!


my chile, you have actually outdone your usual work

Expected HL:S ragdolls… pleasently surprised.
Keep it up.

I stopped that ages ago

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Not bad.

Why do you keep rating this dumb?

I’m guessing it’s because of the awkward posing and post processing.

Neat screenshot, though.

Sorry but are you planning to actually try and improve someday?

Your posing and composition are terrible,there is no use of lamps or any kind of lighting, and the screenshot quality itself is bad.

This is your best work By far man

[sp]Not really…[/sp]

“no lamps or any kind of lighting”

Are you retarded? Every single light in this is lamps and lightbulbs. I deliberately left the map unlit when creating it so i could add my own lighting.

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I mean holy shit. Rating me dumb is beyond retarded, Rate me disagree if you don’t like it. Don’t rate me dumb just because you don’t like me.

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I am sick of everyone on this fucking forum taking the goddamn piss out of me at every corner

If you don’t like it…Leave

[sp]But it’s true every thread you have made has no Desireble Effort in the Pictures I mean Walking Hammers, (I did like the Pink floyd referance)But come on man…You can do so much better…[/sp]

Taking the Piss =/= Criticism

Take some time off then and lurk. See what useful tips and tricks you can pick up. Experiment with them without posting them on here. Over time you will get better and soon you will start making quality products.

Check the rules and resources thread (the locked one that you always pass over) and read some of the links there. Chesty (At least, I think its Chesty) wrote a fantastic bit on color theory and there are some great bits about ingame editing and post processing that will get your images looking better in no time.
But the biggest thing is the posing. Work on that more.

Calm down. Nobody knew that you specifically made the map for the pose, and there’s nothing to indicate that.

The lighting is really plain and just one color, so it looks like you just left it with some regular lighting.

And people take the piss out of you because you defend your stuff so much and flip the fuck out whenever anyone tries to criticize your work.

Because there is literally an internet lynch mob that tails me from thread to thread ridiculing me every single time i do something

Because they know if they criticize you you’re going to flip out and ‘it’ll be funny’.

Or maybe because he’s not improving at all and on top of that he’s being a paranoid child.

Everyone knows Salvador is the spoiled brat of the forums. I’m not criticizing him for fun but simply because each of his threads is effortless and ends up in a whining concert and everyone probably is tired of this.

PS: Making references to a great band all the time doesn’t make you more popular. You like pink floyd, we get it , okay? I love them too but if everyone was like you I’d probably smash each and every record I have from them.

Pretty much.

In the years he’s been on here under various different accounts which are now permabanned for flaming or whatever he’s maybe improved a* tiny, TINY* amount, but not significantly.

Sorry but:

  1. Your Pink Floyd theme is kind of getting old now
  2. The screens are pretty dull and you should know by now that the screens that loads of ‘artistics’ and ‘winners’ are those that have action, drama, and funny stuff (generally something interesting to look at)
  3. You can tell straight away by looking at the editing of this and other screens that you’ve just either grabbed a large black airbrush and sprayed the areas you want dark or used dodge/burn rather pathetically (visible gaps in shading). What you need to do instead is look at some tutorials, even from the ‘resources’ thread, and try to improve from them.

And… Im not picking on you, I’m criticizing.

-snip nevermind thanks gtanoofa-

Screenshot is ok, nothing too fancy. The graphics options are really low though and so is the resolution.