If i look down i see my own player model?!

OKay i dont know wtf this is. I wanna make a movie in gmod one day i open gmod make a singleplayer game and when i look down i see my own player model? Sounds weird right? Yes i try to find out what this is i make a camera and its actually my player model not just a camera glitch but my camera model going down in the world if i look down! Wtf? Help me!

I really don’t know what you are talking about mate…

You’ll need to rephrase that intelligibly before we can help you.

I know it sounds weird! But now it seems its actually a camera glitch? Lol. The problem is when im in gmod and i look down in world just look down i see my own player model!

Again, discribe your question again, we don’t know where the **** you are talking about!

I decided to look at his profile.

This is no place for an eight year old.

“I wanted to make a video in Gmod so I started a single player game looked down and I could see my body. I thought it was a glitch with the camera but I was in first person. Help please.” You have the legs addon

Ugh, it’s a legs mod that garry broke with the recent update. Take pictures next time and spare us all the confusion.


You probably downloaded legs mod from a server, Check your addons

Thank you! To all people didnt understand sorry