If I place 4 pillars in the middle of 4 foundations, can I place stairs between them?

Question is in the Title.

Basicly I’m wondering how close I have to make pillars to be safe from griefers.
Can they place a set of stairs like shown in the picture?

Is it enough with placing one pillar in the middle, or do I need on in the middle of the 4 foundations as well?

Image for clarification.



I believe this guy’s wrong, yes you can.

Hmm, ok, is there anyone out there that have tried?

Yes you can. Its was one of the weaknesses of kushaches unraidable base when it was first made.

In his base design he had walls on his first 2 floors and pillars at every other possible location. His attackers blew up his wall and placed stairs using pillars from other foundations.

ahh, thanks, I’ll try to remember that in my design

lol dude build 4 foundation and try separate, if work then put on original
,if not then :frowning: sad

Yes, you can. This is confirmed.

I also can confirm that this is currently possible.

Sure can, it’s how I escaped from someone’s base after they hid their loot in a hole

Yes you can 100% sure

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In addition to this though…

Even if you do place center pillars(In Green), say 2 high, while the ‘corner’ pillars are now 3 high, people may still place additional foundations (In Red) on the exterior, place center pillars themselves on these new foundations, build up high enough and build a stair case above the 2nd center pillar (In Yellow).

Any pillar-anti-grief system that is made is entirely pointless. Sure it will get some noobs off the thought of raiding you, but most established players and experienced raiders know of a method which entirely bypass the “pillar-defense” system. This is how it’s done:

There is a building that is 3x3 and 10 stories tall. There are two foundation-layers around the entire base with pillars filling EVERY slot, and all the pillars go 12 stories tall. It is not possible to create walls, stairs or anything else outside the building what so ever. How do you get up?

The attackers can create a Large Wooden Box and a Barricade by the 1st floor wall. They blow themselves into the 2nd floor using these items. Once they’re at the 2nd floor, they enter the building and build another Large Wooden Box and Barricade on the very edge of the building (on the 2nd floor where the wall was blown in) This enables them to get ontop and blow into the 3rd floor. This method can be used to get all the way up to the 10th floor, where supposedly the loot is. If the loot is not located in the top floor but rather in the 5th floor or so, the raiders will have spotted it by looking through the walls and blowing in further on every floor they “checked” on the way up.

As far as i know, the most secure way to build if you want to entirely eliminate the “griefers” who use cheesy methods like the one mentioned, is to build wide and low. Build a maze and use clever choices when positioning your loot.

Just curious, but how do they get to the 3rd floor if there is no second or first floor? Just trying to think of all possibilities.

Wow, that’s actually a great idea. Didn’t even think of that at all. That should work perfectly in fact. However, it requires a 3x3 main building and thus a 7x7 pillarfoundation system. It takes a lot of wood to build tall enough for it to be safe considering you need quite a lot of metal doors to defend strongly against raiders with lots of C4.

If you spread your foundations out so they are not all touching each other then people cannot build new foundations between them, I believe that would work to prevent people circumventing your pillars.