if i uninstall Gmod, do my addons and maps get deleted too?

do they? DO THEY!?


You can just save the corresponding folders elsewhere if you really want to keep them.

No, they aren’t removed, it just removes the GCF, or the file where the Garrys Mod game is, the folder that you use for dropping models in is just the moding folder.

which one should i believe…

oh well, seems you’re right.

the folders under your steam name all stay there, and that’s really everything that takes up space in the game anyways.

ummm… ok here we go

I deleted whole garry’s mod folder and installed it back how i can do like… files dont (DOWNLOAD) again to my gmod.
So answer fast! if you can.

It only saves your config and cloud saves i think

If you delete local content through steam, it saves your stuff.

If you delete the actual GMod folder, you don’t get your stuff back.