If I upload an adv duplicator file

Well, noticing this page: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?tag=adv+dupe
Every single upload on that page, is an advanced duplicator save.

So, if I upload something as a adv dupe txt file, in a zip, will I get permanently banned or what?

Also, just someone uploading a dupe file and getting permanently steam banned is a little harsh, I understand most other offences, but that’s a little extreme.

Those rules must have been written back when the gmod community was more tight-knit, there’s no way they could be banning for those things now, I see them all over the place.

Yeah, but I don’t think I want to risk never being able to ever download or upload from or to garrysmod.org
Confirmation from moderators?

Don’t upload unless you want to risk your account. You’ll notice around 95% of those dupes are over 300 days old which is before the rule regarding adv dupes was introduced. It wasn’t applied retroactively (as it wouldn’t be fair) and thus they remain there. Any dupes that get uploaded these days often get caught in ban sprees by Garry.

Effectively upload one and you’ll find yourself banned from gmod.org.

That is by far the most retarded rule I have ever seen, and thanks.
Also, as a side note, I saw one that was 210 days or something.

I said 95% for a reason :wink:.

I do find people still uploading, but if it where to be a descent dupe, would they be spared. Like a E2 heli that can shoot and stuff.

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Like that Plane…dupe, waypoint thing…damnit. It was a dupe that follows a waypoints and stops when some is at the station.

I was going to upload a fully working airship that was made with force limit of 5000.

Don’t bother - because if you do you’ll get banned. The rules are clear.

Well looks like Garry got tired of all the garbage, neat :slight_smile:

Is it ok to sort of “bundle” a dupe with something else that you made? e.g. a SWEP or Player Model?

Toybox it?

Well I guess that could work… Although there are far too many saves there, so if i made a decent save of like, a house theres a good chance it will be drowned out by all the people uploading porn saves that probably dont work cause they use custom props.