If I was going to make a small construct map......

What would people like to see?

I’m thinking of a small construct map like construct size. Plus a room that teleports you to a flatgrass map and maby (but probably not) also another teleport that sends you to a small detailed city?

I don’t really have any great idéas, but I’d guess it would be cool with some interesting architecture on the “construct houses”. You could make a lake in the middle and have the construct area around it, elevated on some platforms or something. Also, making the construct area round would br pretty cool.

If you don’t understand how I mean I could provide a picture.


Finish your other damn map, then work on an RP map or something.

Yeh i kinda no what you mean and its a good idea! If you can draw a picture that would be great!


I can’t finish that map without help with making the actual map.

Sorry that it tool so long, these are simple ref pictures that show kinda how I was thinking, of course there shoud be more detail.



That could be what the flat grass section could look like? Because I’m making a flat grass map that you can teleport 2 from the main construct map?

That’s a really cool idea.

Yah, thanks!