"If I was you, I'd be shitting myself right now" and A Juggernaut shooting a rifle



I dunno, just two quickies, C&C

The grainy blur in the first one is pretty creative, but kind of looks like ass.

Nice work on the posing though.

I thought it fit with the movie :C

I just saw that movie! farkin masterpiece!
palettes for you!

i like all pictures
but you need to do finger pose

What movie? What are you guys talking about? :saddowns:

Oh, Heavy blur + noise = ugly btw.
Posing is nice in both pics, and the angles are nice too.

Inglorious Basterds

Decent! I just got that reference! Arty’d Because Inglorious Basterds is an Amazing movie, GO QUENTIN TARANTINO!(I think I spelled his first name wrong) but w/e! =D

I don’t know what the other guys are saying but the first one is perfect; i instantly got it

Nice, I just watched the movie for the first time tonight, was different but pretty awesome.

The left hand shouldn’t be rotated so much in a rifle stance.

Get Sum!

I don’t like the Inglorious Basterds one as much, because it looks too bright. But you can never go wrong with the Bear Jew.

“Oblige him” c:

Wait, the juggernaut from CodMod2?