If I we're making a building (e.g. a house), what would be the best method of making?

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Anyway, what’s the best method of making a building? In my current case, a house.

Would you rather make it inside the map you’re making, or would you start anew and then make it then, and paste it onto the other map?

Personally, I’ve just figured out that I could make some pretty buildings if I make them outside my main map.

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Oh shit, I forgot to make that tutorial on buildings. Just remembered! =D I’ll get on it tomorrow or the day after. :3:

I’m making a building…I didn’t say how do I make one.
I’m asking what’s the best method of making one.

Wait, you don’t want how to make it, just the best method of making it? Anyway :v: I know what you mean, I’m just saying the thread reminded me. :slight_smile:


Mind if I look at that tutorial? I wanna add some nice shit to my hause. :smug:

You make brushes in the shape of a building.

Well, houses look nice with walls and a roof, don’t forget windows…

Start from the ground up, I make a wall for each room of the house, kitchen, living room, whatever… Once you have your floor plan, start building… Adding props, ceilings and floors… I don’t really see what would be so different about easier methods… Just do what you think is best when you’re making a house, and what I do is I map around the prop_rotating_door being a regular HL2 Door, too make sure my map is actually accesable

First you need an idea, an inspiration. If it is based on the interior of a house, then start with the inner basic architecture so that everything fits in it. If it’s based on the outside of a house, start with the basic brushes of the outer walls. But I guess the best way would be to create the surrounding area (displacements and stuff) first, then do the outer walls and the roof and then create the interior. That’s what I would do to hopefully stay in a grid of 8 or 16 units.

I haven’t done it yet. :c Also the tutorial is gonna be about making false buildings that don’t look shit, because for some magic reason people have a lot of trouble with that.

Oh jesus you guys keep getting me wrong :argh:

What’s the best M-E-T-H-O-D of


a house.

Not “How the fuck do I make a house because I clearly cannot make a single piece of fucking shit”

Explain “METHOD” cause we’ve explained the basics…

Simple as:
Would you make your building in a new map and copy it into your current map, or would you make it in your current map?

Corporal Jas said it…
Work from the ground up, and make sure its accessible by using a door for size reference.


I know that.
Should I make it in a new map or make it in my current map?

Oh god is it so fucking hard to explain? :ughh:


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Whatever you like more. Both methods have their advantages. You can easier create Inputs and Outputs when it’s in the map but it’s easier to create it in a new map. Don’t forget that there’s also the cordon tool to hide everything around it.

I think he means along the lines of making the house in another vmf then copying it into the original.


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Define; cordon tool.

Also, Dinonid, this comes to mind:

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Cordon Tool makes it so that only the part of the map surrounded by the cordon tool only gets compiled…for example, if you have a city and only want to compile the park, simply put the Cordon tool around the park and make sure you have a skybox or something surrounding the area inside the Cordon Tool Boundries

I’m just saying it off the top of my head btw

Its easier to build it in your map i think, because you get sizes and visuals perfectly how they should be.

But the biggest advantage is that it hides the rest in the editor.