If I were to broadcast my mapping, who will watch it?

there’s the link, feel free to watch.

Monday - Thursday: 6pm - 7pm

Friday - Saturday: 6pm - Whenever :smiley:

Sunday - No

Time Zone: Central Standard Time

Thanks for watching…if you do…

Lol sorry about that yellowlake:

Did I start some kind of fad here… Ever since that first broadcast I did more and more people have done this…

Sure is great having a timezone to use as a reference.

im watching. i feel creepy

ima watch :woop:

I’m start the feed, if anyone cares to watch

This is an interesting idea, but let’s be honest here, is there anything more boring than watching someone map?

When I did my broadcast (the one that started all of thee) i got up to like 16 people at a time, and lots of people there stayed entire time.

The way I think about it though, is to learn from it you’d have to watch it intently, to watch it intently you couldn’t just glance over at it now and then, and spending a solid block of my life watching a cursor whizz around and interesting shapes form doesn’t seem as effective as asking questions.

16 people at a time though, assuming that statistic is true, that surprises me quite a lot.

I would like to see your mapping. It looks like it could be really useful. How long do you estimate you will continue doing this?

I have to say, whhilst vaguely interesting for all of minutes, watching someone map, and actually understanding and learning from what they are doing are totally different. Also the resolution is too low on the video feed to make out any text or numbers, and assuming you could the potential for picking up bad mapping habits is huge.

I plan on doing this for a rather long time. I also plan on getting the channel working properly so that the resolution along with the frame rate is higher.

Funny, HoliestCow actually started “all of thee.”


Does it take forever to load, or are you not broadcasting…

Yay, your going to be mapping soon hopefully. I will watch you, you should always keep it up, it is fun to watch people map or code or whatever if they enjoy it themselves.

Depends what I guess? :stuck_out_tongue:

No… like the next day after mine he started his. Just because you didn’t see mine, doesn’t mean it wasn’t there.

I don’t think anyone cares who started this fad, because if it was anyone, it was the guy running a room where everyone could show whatthey were mapping, which was probably the best idea, if only it could be had in a slightly higher resolution.

Just because you hosted a video of you mapping doesnt mean you were the first, Sheesh your full of yourself.