If I were to buy a server which service is best?

If I were to buy a server which service is best? I used to run a DayZ server and I believe it used TCadmin2.

East Coast provider please.

I was wondering if there were any service providers that can offer the following tools:
Place custom spawn points.
Change starting inventory.

My primary goal is to have a server that is set up for 30 v 30 Bow and Arrow wars out in a field. Epic battles.

If I’m not mistaken (entirely possible), things like placing spawn points and changing starting inventory would be something you will need to do through either config changes or plugins, regardless of who your server provider is.

In terms of the features you are looking for. Just make sure that the server host supports FTP file access(All do i think) and mods like Oxide. I’m sure spawn points and starting inventory will be added soon to a mod or Oxide plugin. Starter kits are already easy to make.

I recommend one of these 2 hosts



I use FPSPlayers for my server, their setup time is quite long but i havent had any issues whatsoever since it has been up and running. The mod installing is also very easy. Support is quite nice.

none of them are anygood multiplay is as slow as hell when it comes to any Support you can wait up to 12/24hrs to get any reply from them just bad host in my eyes

I can only recommend those i am with which is Mutiplay. I’ve had my server since December 31st and as of yet I’ve had no problems with it. I’ve contacted their support on two occasions with questions and received a reply within 3-4 hours both times. Obviously I’ve not been with them for long so my experience could change in future, but as of now i am satisfied.

As far as i’m aware, there is no ability to change spawn points or inventories. Not with Mutiplay anyway.