If i were to buy one of these 3D models for garrys mod

If i were to buy one of these 3D models for garrys modhttp://www.daz3d.com/i/3d-models/free-3d-models?cat=382&_m=d
Would it be a real pain in the ass to get them into garrys mod? There must be some kind of problem since i havent seen these
ingame yet.

Im actually kind of suprised there isn`t more high quality ragdolls and objects out there
considering this games large fan base.

Seeing as you obviously have no prior knowledge of 3D Modelling, yes it would be impossibly hard for you.

Hmm, interesting

I think that u would probably install it in the same way u do with stuff from gmod.org.

nvm he says it all

everyone can learn.

So it is possible?
Why hasnt this been done yet? Cant be impossible for everyone? Almost everything i see released here is ported models from games. it doesnt make any sense. These great models are free ffs!

Because rigging is EXTREMELY hard and time consuming, not many people know how to do/want to do it.

Its not EXTREMLY hard from what ive read and heard. Its just very tedious and time consuming.
I can do that. Garrys mod already takes up most of my time.

Thanks for the answers. At least it can be done. :slight_smile:

One more thing. I know the rig for a human model is complex ,but once its done it could be used for multiple models.
Cant be harder than that? Other than renaming every single bone and limb/mesh? Sort of copy/paste/rename :stuck_out_tongue:
If it was that easy ,surely someone would have done that by now.

The original source models has a really bad rig. can even turn heads more than 60 degrees.
Left 4 dead models has the best rig in my opinion. Best ragdolls to pose.

I guess the way rigging works is that you connect an individual bone to each limb(Mesh) and all limbs/bones to
one parent bone/mesh. At least that would makes sense in my head.
Propably more complex than that…

Those look rather hi-res. Perchance too hi-res. It is without doubt do-able, but takes time, skill and will be very hard on the engine.

Hi-res like the fakefactory models?
Those are high res right? I hear the fans go crazy when i look at them in gmod :smiley:

Yeah it’s probably possible but you’re going to have quite a bit of work to do to get them in the game.

Given the fact that you have no prior experience doing this I wouldn’t recommend doing so.

Do you even have the right software to do it?

Daz models? Really?

I’m not even sure there’s a nice way of converting those to SMDs. Maybe exporting as obj files, but any rigging done beforehand would probably be lost in the process. You’d probably need to get them into Maya or 3DS Max before exporting as an SMD.

I got 3DS ,but i guess this quest of mine is already doomed from the looks of it.
Crossing fingers that someone will understand the full potential of garrys mod and make
a game dedicated to user created material.
Sort of a realistic looking Little Big Planet.

Right now its truly not for everyone.

gmod isnt supposed to be a realistic game. it’s supposed to be fun

sorry not what i meant :stuck_out_tongue:
Of course it should still be fun ,but some easier editing tools made for this game only would be great,
Not complaining though. Never played any game as much as gmod

What do you mean by easier editing tools? You have to realise that the editing you can do in gmod is probably harder than for LBP but at the same time allows you to bring far more in.

As to rigging and daz models.
First off those models look hilariously high poly and manage to look ugly as well. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything look so plastic before.

Secondly rigging isn’t attaching a bone to a limb per see. When you rig you more or less apply the mesh of the body ontu the skin, taking the most care on joints.

As to rigging on citizens - the rigging is actually very good, the fact that you can’t turn the head beyond a certain angle is not an issue with the rigging, but instead the fact that it has pretty tight phys constraints.


maybe he finds it fun to make it realistic?

They’re not that hi-res, It’s merely an illusion created by the hi-res materials and extensive model and material work to see what looks best on the source engine. And even their materials are not that high-res really.

Good example is this model


pay attention to the hair, You don’t see this much on the fakefactory’s models because they do more work on making multiple layers for the hair.

The “realityness” of models in source engine is mainly based on the amount of big details on one object and the physics(YAY! look the combine got shot!) The realityness in the new rendering engines are based on natural details(zits, scars, etc), symmetry of the whole model and the lightning effects(this means they’re rather round than blocky, and the skin has a bigger color map ranging from dark to absolutely white. Thanks to the lightning)

You need to consider if this is worth of it. The models will not look the same when used in source engine. They barely even look the same considering all the model and material quality changes. and of course minus the fancy lightning effects.

Good example of this is the MW2 ported models, But even they do not show how much models like this will change when ported to source engine.

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Overall you should note that these models are not meant to be used in such an engine, They’re rendering models used to produce mainly somewhat good looking images.