If I'm ever not around to help you, use this...

and I will always be with you.

I did the posing in a bit of a hurry, and that shows. I still like how it turned out though.

The dead medic could use some posing work. :slight_smile:

Lol pretty funny. The posing needs work though and there’s lots of wasted space in the picture.

Soo his soul will be in sandvich…
wich heavy eats…
that is some fucking after-life endless suffering.

But it gives him health like the medic… I think that’s the idea.

Put some fighting in the background.


Helps drastically.

I love the idea behind it but the posing is horrible!

did a bomb blow up on his back? Theres no blood on the front from the entry wound or whatever happened to him. Nice idea though.

He’ll see him back at spawn so don’t worry.

It looks like
A: Heavy had sex with medic and killed him.
B: Horrific Clipping!!!

put more :effort: into the posing

aww… :frowning: