If in World box.

As you guys know, People can crash the server with precision and Stacker.
You can just “precision” the prop out of the world box, and it’ll crash the server,
I was looking both of the Precision and Stacker, and i wanted to ask you guys if there is anyway of checking if its our of the box, so i can ‘return false’ to not spawn it.

Just set a maximum limit on the offset a user can specify. People can type in 50000 as offset which will be enough to crash your server (I thought). Cap this within the addons, and you’re fine.

I’ve used http://maurits.tv/data/garrysmod/wiki/wiki.garrysmod.com/indexd865.html to address this rather than just returning false. I forget the values I clamped it to but I thought +/-600 was reasonable and haven’t gotten any complaints.

mind showing an example of what you did?
i tried adding it, and the stacker and precision stopped working for me.

Is there a way of detecting the world boundary box actually, that could be useful for a few things

I’ve found a way.
Call GetAABB on the world’s phys object

WorldBox = Entity(0):GetPhysicsObject():GetAABB()

This seems to only work on the server, so you might have to network it if you want it.

Awesome, what about OBBMins/OBBMaxs, does that work on client (or at all)?

I never tried that… I don’t think it will work because AABB should just return pos+boxsize for max’s and pos-boxzise for min’s (or something similar)