If infinite maps were possible, what kind of map would you like to see?


Infinite flatgrass sandbox maps? Or maybe some spacebuild? What kind of map would you want to see?

I would like to see a big underwater level with sea creatures swimming around, a bunch of hidden caves, etc.

a great big post-apocalyptic wasteland exploring every known theme, such as big, empty, destroyed cities, endless stretches of desert roads with the odd gas station, and underground subway networks

The entirety of North America!

The whole of the Half-Life 2 campaign ported into one contiguous map, including the episodes.

Randomly generated maze that drops you off at 0,0. The x and y coordinates of the exit are somewhere between 0 and ∞

have fun

you just had to suggest that right after I’d played through SOMA didn’t you
Caves and rocks would be easy, but sea creatures would be tough. Might have to spawn them in yourself :slight_smile:
Also, completely-underwater maps are fine, but if you want to be able to break the surface, sorry. Currently, we don’t have a way to stop Source from spawning water in the cell above you, because water isn’t an entity.

This could probably be done with some clever mapping, but because we have to use func_brushes to keyvalue them, Source’s entity limit might say no to that. However a lot of what you’re talking about could be done. Destroyed cities are fine, and we can even designate where they’d be, endless desert roads are of course easy, and “the odd gas station,” we could have gas stations that have, say, a 2% chance of spawning. Underground subways are okay too, maybe, as long as func_brush doesn’t have a heart attack over displacements.


Again not only would entity limit be pissing in the punch bowl there, but keyvaluing every brush…jezus…

Actually, we’ve already got two infinite mazes, one is mine and it isn’t very good, but the other is SuperLlama’s and is infinite in every direction, including up and down.

Unfortunately displacements are still not possible in infinite maps… neither are maps that are partly water and partly not water-- it has to either be 100% underwater or 0% underwater. The latter issue might see a workaround eventually if I have enough time to make any more contributions to the mod myself.

EDIT: I might also eventually make an entity that can sample brush cell inclusion from a texture… which would allow you to make large scale things like real life continents. That’s a thought for the future anyway.

a maze would be fun

oh my god! that would be amazing.

Just wait for source 2. Then we can have all that.

That would be also impossible due to the fact that a lot of the areas overlap ( Like the C17 plaza map and the next map where the metrocops chase you in a building. )

You can already combine some Half-Life 2 maps into one map, over a few days I ported most of the trainstation into one big level, although it was laggy and quite buggy.
Bit of a far cry from the entire game being in one map, but it’s a start

Some massive fuck off expanse of rolling sand dunes like in Mad Max

ohhhh yeah, i kinda forgot about that. well that kinda sucks cause it would of been awesome to have that

Entire towns full of HIGHLY detailed, lifelike buildings that you can explore every single nook and cranny of. No locked doors.

On a more realistic level, a town big enough that you need a vehicle to get anywhere reasonably.

So what exactly is this? I always thought you couldn’t make hl2 maps bigger than the max hammer grid with the exception of making the player itself smaller, but then physics would all get weird.

So now we can suddenly? Did they reverse engineer the engine or something? Can I finally make a GTA-style map where planes, trains, cars and boats are finally useful and you can drive and fly them all for longer than 10 seconds before crashing into the skybox? :jawdrop:

Oh I see, there is a link explaining it all, was kinda looking at the youtube vids more :’)

So basicly it repeats the same map over and over? I tested it a bit out but for some reason it keeps deleting my contraptions/vehicles after I reach a certain distance and it has crashed my game 3 times already. Forgive my ignorance but what exactly is the practical use of it? Still awesome that this is possible though. I never thought it would be possible to begin with or even come close.

A huge desert with hills and random scattered military bases

Yeah, basically you take all the possible areas in the map and layer them physically on top of each other, and the mod selects which layers should be visible depending on how many times you’ve gone to the edge of the map and gotten teleported to the opposite side. You can only collide with and see props, players, and brushes that are in the same “cell” as you, so essentially the actual space is infinite and you can have truly large distances. There are a lot of other limitations though and a lot of things still don’t work (sound, grenade explosions, etc “bleed” through and break the illusion).

What kind of contraptions did you use that broke? A vast majority of other mods aren’t compatible yet because of how much has to be changed for the illusion to be convincing, we’d probably have to troubleshoot each mod separately to make them all work. With just gmod and this mod installed though, you can build a vehicle out of regular props, shoot them with the Localized Physics tool to ride them as a vehicle, and drive them all over the infinite map. In gm_flatinfinite, if you drive down the road for 6½ miles (10½ km) you’ll come across a big building with stairs and stuff surrounding another flatgrass slab. If you just go diagonally, there’s endless grass and random houses/hills, but 27½ miles (44¼ km) out diagonally, there are huge pyramids. If you just rocket straight up from the spawn, there’s a floating platform 3½ miles (5½ km) high. Stuff like that.

Until it works with more mods it’s mostly just a fun curiosity, but right now it makes even vanilla sandbox (+gravity hulls) interesting again, just exploring the vast expanse… even though you really aren’t.

Uh-oh. What kinds of addons are you using? I’ve never had it delete my contraptions, and I’ve definitely not had any crashes with it.