If it aint broke, don't fix it.

Sup fellas, NL Pod here. My native language is not english soo bare with me in any grammer/spelling fails.
I want to start of by saying that I love this game. I love this game almost too much.
Bought this game atleast 2 weeks after my irl’s bought it and im way ahead on the total time played allready.
It got me to finally kick that nasty wow-addiction I had for 8 years.

My sad life aside, I wanna bring up something that obivously lies close to my heart.

I read alot of changes to the game in the trello/rumours etc.
Many are an improvement to the game but, sadly, alot of the changes are IMO bad, very bad or gamebreaking.

Im not gonna go into to much detail on wich changes will be the worst but ima list the 3 biggest ones that will, imo, be close to gamebreaking.

  1. Locked backpacks. BOO. This is the worst idea imo.
    Removes to much dynamics in fights etc, gives the kevlardude a big advantage (Im usually the kevlaridiot tho soo im not crying on my own behalf).
    Fighting 3v3 or something, killing the enemys when they live nearby is hardly winning.
    If our grp got into a fight outside our home and we all die, we should lose our stuff.
    But if the packs are locked for 5-10min we have plenty of time to put on new armor and bring our other guns vs a injured band of enemys. Bad design.

  2. House ownership. Not being able to grief/build/etc on somebody elses house is crap.
    Somebody planting a pillar in the middle edge of your sloppy built floor, soo you can’t plant a wall there SHOULD still be possible.
    If you remove it you remove a very fun aspect of dealing with enemys.
    If you can just remove it and carry on building you remove the aspect of THINKING before you start to build.
    It also means that the first guy that plants a foundation in the ground will be able to live there forever.

  3. Weight limits. Raiding a house, grabbing all the stuff and run towards your own base, full of adrenaline is enough.
    No need to add another element to zink you even deeper down. IMO gameplay > realistic physics.
    It’s more fun to run fast with all the stuff than to have it too realistic and let the loot bare you down, making you slow.

Listing some incomming good feats aswell.

  1. Patrolling Heli from hell, more fear is good.
  2. The added music is very good, looking forward to hearing more of this in game.
  3. The incomming anticheat is rly needed and I will await it eagerly.

Tho I want to add that, in this game, fear is good.
The fear of somebody jumping you when you’re having all your buildingmaterials on you while building your home.
The fear of using your best weapon and best armor on you while far from base.
The fear of base not being resilient vs raiders when you log of.
Don’t sacrifice too much fun in the name of realistic physics. Having to dig your hole in the ground for your foundation for 3 hours is realistic, but it’s not fun.

Basiclly I wanna say, Even with all the hackers around, this game is super awesome.
It’s infact soo good imo that I would lable it very addictive.

Soo pls Garry & co, don’t try to fix something that ain’t broken :slight_smile:

xoxo <3

Couldn’t agree more! :smiley:

And TBH, your English is better than most people here, so I wouldn’t be to worried :smiley:

  1. I understand the reason for the locked backpacks, but at the same time I don’t see them being a permanent thing. I could be wrong though. I think it gives a new aspect to consider in the game when killing others, so that’s a plus. It also makes killing people just to loot them harder. Until you find a ton of keys anyways.

  2. I personally like house ownership. What you are talking about isn’t creativity, it’s just trolling. For some people that is fine and I hope they enjoy trolling but for the most part the community wants to build a house in peace…to be raided later… Also, there are already plugins to allow removing your own structures so you have already lost on that one. As for permanent foundations, I do wish they would change this. ALL objects in the game should be destructible to explosives. This means foundations as well. At this point it’s us, the Admins that have to remove the old abandoned stuff…

  3. I don’t get why people are so bent out of shape on weight limits. It adds a great feature to the game. It further removes Rust from the run of the mill survival game. It actually makes you think about weight limits and what to loot from people. Should I take all this metal, or just the M4 that he is carrying? I think it’s a great addition to the survivalist mentality and I welcome it.

i would also like to say the more realism is needed… like the weight limits. Also, the building of houses (as i mentioned in another thread) needs to take place on the spot. I dont think you should be able to craft 30 walls or sets of pillars and stairs, then run across the map. You should have to craft on the spot… taking time to craft and remaining near the object during craft. If you want to move an item of yours, you can… but only one at a time. (not being able to put it in your backpack)

very good points OP. fun game design transcends language barriers. you nailed it on your 3 concerns, rust needs to retain its sense of freedom, danger, and high speed fun.

Weight limits are a dumb idea to add “realism”. this would imply that one could not carry more than a couple pieces of wood at a time, or a few stones. Hell, even carrying a stack of ammo would be a hinderence. To have a 30 slot bag and them implement weight limits for items that are inherently heavy, thats just dumb.

I love the level of fear and anxiety in this game also. Although i absolutely hate dying and losing my pack that fear is a rush. No other game ive played ive actually had heart palpitations and got sweaty palms after a fire fight or during a raid. This shit is intense. A good example of why lock packs are bad happened last night. A friend got attacked near Rad town and got killed. Me and another friend were in the area so we high tailed it over to see what we could do. there were 3 of them. I dropped one, i think we got another one also. But their base was maybe less than 100yrds behind them in the rocks. So by the time we could take them all down, they were right back there. I was able to get back to my pack after i died but they were waiting at it. If there were locked packs the kevlar/m4 guy waiting at the pack would win out, id die again, and lose all my stuff regardless. Locked packs just promotes camping and doesnt help anybody. The only wait times in this game should be crafting. On a side note we had the last laugh. We happened upon 2 of them raiding another house later. They didnt realize it was us and said dont shoot, they were raiding the house and couldnt get past all the doors(with the c4 they looted off me). I told my 2 buddies that these were the two that we were fighting with earlier and when we were close enough killed em both. Later that night we went to their base and raided took back all our stuff, and put our own door up. We may not be douchebag aggressive, but our vengeance is swift when provoked.

I guess that whole story also touches on house ownership too. If there were ownership we couldnt have taken their house. Which again takes away alot of that fear and consequence when making decisions in game. Like, since that one guy decided to shoot our friend, not only did they all die, they lost everything. Wheres the tough choice if theres little or no risk of losing anything when playing? Douchebaggery doesnt pay when the other guy has a bigger stick

I agree 1 and 2 are not to my liking. 3 the weight limit, this does make sense. How in the hell can one person carry 30 C4, 6 p250s, shotgun, M4, 1000 rounds of ammo, food, bandages, med-kits all together.

Adding weight limits will keep raids to bringing only the supplies you need, maybe even need to setup crates/base outside to launch an assault. Then when assault is over carry your earns home is another risk. To me it adds a lot more to the risk factors, right now if you have 5 friends playing together you can loot half the server and carry it back no issues and fill 3-4 Large storage crates full of goodies. Maybe adding backpacks to hold more or mules, carts, some sort of method to transport your loots back.

I agree some of the directions I see features going has me going, Huh?!?!

Until i see the backpack feature, i wont comment, as i think it could work out.

House ownership is a good idea IMO, but it shouldnt prevent others from building on it, i just like the idea of being able to remove missplaces pillars/ceilings n shit. would be cool if someone could still staircase up and raid you. at least you can remove em quickly after you get home lol.

I think we need a weight limit. or at least areal bag system. perhaps later ingame you get different backpack tiers or something, each with x amount of slots.

And i just wanna say, congrats on kicking the WoW addiction. Im 3 years clean! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone know how house ownership will work? I’m not against house ownership, I think it definitely has it’s plus points but as Sandman has pointed out at the end of his post, driving bad people out of your area is sometimes necessary. I’ve done it a few times myself. Stealing their base, or sometimes just destroying it is often the best way. This aspect of the game could do with remaining somehow. And if they are going to get rid of the ability to build stairs up the side of someone’s base could they at least implement ladders or grappling hooks (that could be destroyed like barricades) to balance out the gameplay?

Don’t know if it’s a good idea, but how about making the house building process more complex, so you first make some kind of wood outline and then start filling it with materials? The outline components should be destroyed with a few hits from the hatchet and require only few materials. That way, you could test first if you could build a base into the mountain or if one pillar would be unplaceable for example. Or if there’s no space for a 3x3 base and so on

I posted a work around for the backpack lock that I think is a good compromise here:


if you like the idea’s lets try and keep it to the top of the page so hopefully devs will see it/read it / take it into consideration

  1. I approve of a backpack locks as long as there is some mechanism that will allow them to be opened by others other than just waiting. Perhaps it takes a craft-able lockpick set and say some small amount of time/mini game. This way it prevents easy looting mid firefight, goes a bit toward preventing killing on sight purely for looting their stuff (as there will be added time and cost to doing such) but doesn’t make it impossible to loot others without sitting around waiting.

  2. I think the current stair casing over walls should be prevented unless they make the change to building that someone above mentioned where you must craft the structure on the spot and take the crafting time there to place it. That was if you want to stairway up 10 stories it takes 20 minutes standing there in the open clearly raiding their base, rather than 20 minutes safely sitting in your house and then 2 minutes raiding. This allows you to still easily stair-raid people when they are offline, but prevents a quick stair-raid just while they are out running the map or going for an airdrop.

  3. There definitely needs to be a larger limiting factor to what you can hold. Whether that is a scaling number of backpack slots or a weight limit. I see this as an awesome opportunity to add consequence to death. The more time spent online without dying the more you can carry, up to a maximum of course. This could either be more backpack slots or increased weight limit. This would discourage uncautious banditry as dying would limit you ability to plunder for some time.

Currently the game makes raiding too easy and the best choice when stumbling across another player being shoot first apologize later. This should change as while raiding and banditry should be a reasonable choice, it should not be the unquestionably most profitable even for higher skilled players.

1.) Backpack locks will just make the rich richers and the poor poorer. As the larger groups will always be rolling around with lockpicks while the little guy that got a hard earned kill on a kevlar guy will not be able to loot in time. The locks are a bad idea and something else needs to be put in place if this is even a problem to start with

2.) If you don’t want people to stariwell up to your base, build a foundation with a pillar in the middle and prep your base properly, or build a metal base with metal foundations around it with pillars in the middle. There is ways to prevent this, just build properly, its part of the game. The point of raiding is to get in and out ASAP not linger around and have a picnic. You think when people hit a bank they sit there and build everything they need to break in? No they bring it with them

3.) I wouldn’t mind being able to carry more in my backpack as well, but you have to limit it somewhere. I do like the idea of the longer you are online the more pack spaces you can hold, however people will just leave their characters logged in inside their bases while they are not playing to achieve this.

people need to understand in a game like this , survival of the fittest is king , its how you go about doing that , that impacts you and the others around you

newbies join and expect the game to baby sit you and talk you through everything and hold your hand while your just learning


its a survival game , meaning you have to learn to survive and adapt to the conditions on that server in order to get anywhere

now stop with all the babbling and crying and watch this and listen

We don’t know what these changes will do to the game unless we give them a chance and try them out. That’s part of what alpha is all about, so sit back and roll with it. If they negatively impact the game, they’ll be changed.

That’s like saying we don’t know what will happen to that Ford pinto sitting in the middle of the train tracks…an educated guess is pretty accurate at this point.

  1. Depending on how they implement them, yes this is possible. However I think if this ends up being the case they will make alterations to make it more inline with what my suggestions are attempting to help with.

  2. Yes, the point is to be in and out as quick as possible. But when was the last time you heard of using built structures to rob somewhere? The medieval times because its horribly slow. If you have some method of destructively entering such as explosives, it should be faster. Additionally the idea of put extra foundations and middle pillars is just silly. That is just exploiting the game mechanics to increase you defense, based off the problem that raiding is already too easy.

  3. Yeah, time online is not a good choice, perhaps distance traveled, or something to that effect. I’m not sure what they currently keep track of but such things are not that hard.

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You only have an accurate assumption based on previous stories and experiences. How many pvp survival games or stories about them involving locked loot have you come across?

Everyone saying locked backpacks are a bad idea fail to realize this is a counter measure to stop KOS, especially on Bambi’s. Also fail to mention that there will be lock pick to bypass the lock on the backpack…

This is really an irrelevant analogy. You know what’s going to happen to that Ford because you’ve seen it happen to cars before, whether in person or through the media. It’s highly unlikely that you’ve ever seen locked backpacks in a multiplayer hardcore survival game, so you have nothing to base an educated guess on.

2.) The foundation and pillar I don’t really think as an exploit as it is preventing something that can be done, and if not done well or maintained it leaves a gaping hole in your security which people can take advantage of which I think is a great feature. However if you don’t want to use this, just build in the mountains. Most spots in the mountains don’t have room for other foundations for raiders to put down and you can’t build off rocks so it forces them to blow through your doors and get in that way.

In conclusion if my base gets raided in a unique or clever way, I’m not even mad, I’m actually impressed if they found ways around what I built :stuck_out_tongue: