If my base is DarkRP will it have the same items as DarkRP

If i make the base of a server DarkRP when i load the GM will it have The Darkrp files like the job menu?

To keep it simple, yes. It will have most standard features like the f4 menu, tab menu, etc.

Yes, if you use it as a base, it runs the gamemodes code.

Yes ofcourse. If you set the derived gamemode to DarkRP it will build your gamemode on top of it so all DarkRP files become part of your gamemode. I probably said that a little bit confusing XD

If don’t know what you’re doing you probably shouldn’t however if you know what you’re doing you probably wouldn’t.

The results will be unexpected, probably. It depends how the hooks are set up in the base and derived gamemodes, which ones get triggered in which order, and which are overridden / replaced as a result.

There is probably a well defined order that hooks get called by the game when you specify more than one and in different ways but don’t expect DarkRP to have been designed with that in mind, and therefore things could break when you start adding your own hooks in same / different ways as the base gamemode in your derived gamemode.