If no kill messages, raise the distance you can identify someone.

Most players who agree with the removal of kill messages, justify it as a realism argument; but you would be able to recognize someone a lot farther away than the 5 or so meters you need to be to read their name tag. I say that if the person is facing you (face visible) their name tag should display from about 5-10x further than the current distance.

Revealing a nametag, could mean life or dead, if ur hiding behind a rock, making an ambush or runing, it’s very unbalanced, you should be able to hide in the envoriment, and it’s all on the hunter or the pray to find eachother.

I know why you want the name tag, but it would damage the game greatly. How do you recognize someone in real life? Clothing and communication, use that ingame, ask for more ways to improve those 2.

Thats my opinion.

well yes obviously that’s the better solution, but until then you have to make compromises. you’re not going to be able to read the nametag unless you have your mouse over the player anyways, in which case you’ve probably already seen him/her.

The name tag only appears if you’re aiming at them…

Aiming at them would be good because they are already in your field of view. There should be a certain distance of when the name shows up when aiming at them. That way people can still hide/stalk the person. That would be good to have temporarily until a more in-depth clothing and character are added in.

The way i recognize people in real life is by relying on the lucky universe we live in where everyone doesnt have the exact same face and gender.

But the lack of kill msgs basically gives cheaters a 6000% boost to not getting caught, so something needs to change even if its seeing nametags from afar, which i admit would sure be helpful but also maybe make it a bit too easy to identify enemies in a group fight

no that’ll be shit, if you make the name tag distance longer then you cant sneak up to someone at night and kill them … they’ll see you and run away

Obviously at night you wouldn’t recognize someone easily and name tag distance should be extremely short like it is now… my point is if the kill messages were removed for the sake of realism, than the name tag mechanic should be adjusted accordingly to a more realistic approach… or just reinstate the kill messages.

I enjoy the idea of longer distance for the name tag, but the other side has a point about reducing the sneak advantage. IF there was a way to make it visible when in an engagement but not so much when just glancing around, it would work out. At least one slight fix could be like in Minecraft where the name tags are not visible while crouching.

Not a bad compromise… I don’t know how much of a problem that would be… you don’t see name tags unless your aiming reticle is on the target… that being said, noise when crouch walking should be either extremely close range only or eliminated completely.

Agreed. Reduce noise level on sneaking and to buff the advantage of hiding the name tag, maybe a minimal boost to the sneak speed?

And no matter how close, keep the line-of-sight the deciding factor. If someone is standing behind a tree 2 inches from you and you can’t see them, don’t jump their neon-yellow name tag out :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you should be able to identify them more clearly, and from further distances, if they are added to your friends. Would make this way more distinguishable.

A great addition would be sound levels of particular boots, Kevlar being the loudest because of being made of a heavy metal, cloth maybe the lightest because of how its made. Leather or special type of boots can then be added which would be stealthier, and more sought after.