If Rust took longer than 1 year to get out of alpha stage would you be mad?

Just wondering on people opinions, I’ve been playing since earlier December and I really enjoy this game, but Im getting so bored of doing the same thing over and over with no new content since December. I’m hoping the best for Rust!

Nope. I am patient and understand that developing a game takes time. If they are still in alpha a year down the line, I’ll play something else until they do. (That being said, I’ve been taking a break from it for a long while since I have over 150 games to choose from, and I need to get my money’s worth out of the rest of them :v:)

Yea I’m fine with it. not bothered at all

They can take as long as they need - the game’s great and will only get better.

It’s been a long time since I attained the age of 12. I can wait. :slight_smile:

If it is truly an Alpha (which it is) then it should take more than a year to complete.

I would be angrier if they pushed out a terrible bare bones version while calling it the full retail release and stopped development in six months. There are worse things than watching a game develop cough cough WarZ.

It’s been out for almost a year… What are you talking about…

im bored but still playing

i want the game to be done in a year, am i too selfish?

Yeah, It keeps the game fun too! You never know what to expect in the next update so once its completed it wont be as surprising as it is now.

No because early access and testing is the way the industry works now. It’s a fact, a cycle of life (and development!). I went through Minecraft from alpha to full release, so here’s some other things that are in indefinite development but people still follow and play:

Kerbal Space Program (alpha)
Star Citizen (not even alpha yet)
Space Engineers (alpha)
Star Forge (alpha)
Starbound (beta)
Dwarf Fortress (Alpha since 2006, and STILL being developed)
Prison Architect (alpha)
Elder Scrolls Online (beta)
Renegade X (beta)
Tropico 5 (beta)

one more to that list won’t matter to anybody

I agree…I wouldn’t mind it at all.
For one reason they are and have stated from the get go that this is a early stage alpha.
Unlike some games I know ::cough Mechwarrior Online cough:: who have a full release and the game is not even 25% finished. Not to mention, they took people’s money in early beta and promised alot of things that still have not come to fruition

Star Forge has been in alpha for a while now and the game gets worse looking and more laggy every update. Only game I’ve seen that takes away good features and replaces them with terrible non-user friendly ones :smiley: And people complain about Rust, a game that actually functions in its current state and creates an actual playable user experience

Since there is no measuring to get from one phase to another and as long as they develop new features and fixes.I think that won’t be a problem.I think slow and steady process is always better than having a game of full of bugs,glitches and crashes in 1 year.

Starforge failed,it’s still in Alpha,game is unplayable for me and my hardware is not bad at all.
X Rebirth is retail too and full of bugs.

They can call it alpha for 10 years if they want to, so long as they make reasonable progress and communicate that progress and plan with the community that bought the game.

I would only be mad if I got scammed into buying a an “alpha” that was really just unity demo assets thrown together, and the game was never developed.

They can call it “alpha”, but as long as there is active development I don’t care.

If you buy the game in alpha will you have to buy it agian on its official release?

Will not matter to me, I have many other games to play, I played rust for about a month hardcore after buying my Xbox one, completely ignored the Xbox one, now I bought a ton more Xbox one games and am taking a break from rust/other PC games.

Personally id be mad if it was LESS than a year, i dont think they can fullfill their “dreams” in that timeframe. id rather not have anymore “fully released game” that updates like an alpha cough ISS cough
that being said, hasnt it almost been a year since the dutch auction started? pretty sure ive been playing roughly 7-8 month, and i bought it when there was about 1100 copys sold.

They can and should take as long as they want. Throwing out a game just because the community wants it so bad leads to a bugged game without a single breath of love.