If the dev team wants to remove military weaponry(as stated by many posters)

  • I am writing this post to help garry prevent unneeded backlash somewhere down the road. Online communities are not what they used to be, see the diablo 3 fiasco(back charged credit cards, petitions etc. I believe this is an important warning that the dev team may be overlooking. *

    It is my opinion that it should be a top priority to remove them. When you open up access to a game, even with disclaimers as to your direction, you are setting expectations as to the purchased product. This is a huge issue with early access in general, but that’s an entirely different discussion. Military weapons(with no offense meant to those who are for them) attract an entirely different type of player than those who play a game with makeshift weaponry. It’s extremely evident in the controversy nearly any post about this tends to garner. The durability change responses are also an indication of this. It is not a good decision to let such a massive gameplay influence exist for an extended period of time. The earlier we pull of the bandaid the less intense the backlash will become.

    Look, I love the core idea of the game. Drop on an island, and live. But, the difference between living with pipe shotguns, and with m4s and kevlar is immense. The abundance of high tier resources warps everything in a survival game. Meaningful feedback, in regards to the core design, is polluted. Yes, you can tell people, “you know those 5 m4s you have in those crates? Well, we might possibly kind of make them hard to get or not at all or something…” However, that little written warning takes a backseat in nearly every players mind while they begin to develop an attachment to what feels like a core element of gameplay.

To summarize, either way is fine. The game would work with them. But clarity in both communication and actual gameplay needs to be established. You’ve got a working environment, stop working on skyboxes and get your core story and gameplay established with all of your paying, and soon to be paying customers so that they have proper expectations being set. The online community is far to easily riled up these days to let such a risk linger around your excellent piece of work.

I recommend anyone to do this.

[sp]Great way to get your account closed and credit card blacklisted[/sp]

It’s the idea behind the action that is the point.

Fuck yourself over?

Why make another new thread about it instead of posting in another one? (although I’m essentially just as guilty for replying)

I don’t feel that they should be removed, but I do feel they should be uncraftable.

It’s not about whether or not I want them removed, I’m not bidding for them to be removed. I am urging the dev team to making a commitment to a direction top priority and focus on getting it set. If they want weapons to be hard to get at any point down the road, no time is better than now. Set crafting high now. Why should we be playing an entirely different game now than whats to come months down the road while they plug in new sky boxes?

We shouldn’t, it’s bad for development to have your early access players be playing a different core experience than one intended down the road.

The bolded part of your post is the entire point of alpha testing. You’re explaining a beta. I realize that those two things don’t sound very different but most people don’t get to experience a game when it’s in its infancy quite like this. Many people get access to betas when a game is scope- or feature-complete but this isn’t the case here.

I get the feeling that the devs aren’t really sure which way to take the game yet and I think that’s okay for now because that’s what this is all about.

That said, I do agree with the whole “rip the bandaid off” approach, just like they did with the zombies. But maybe they aren’t quite sure what to do yet… it would be worse to remove them and then decide they want to change it again later. Of course, that’s their prerogative.

the revolver is a p250 that can’t rapid fire and with slightly less damage

so the revolver will be removed with the military weapons then?

the interesting part of this whole debate is no one takes player skill into account, removing the military weapons* (kevlar is different story) is going to do very little in my opinion

good players will pick you off just as easily with a revolver as they will a p250…
and fully automatic weapons aren’t even THAT overpowered… either the only place where fully automatic sprays work is up close where shotguns are too…
so when you compare it its kind of balanced since shotguns can 1 hit full kev in close range, and recoils are so high u cant really spray that effectively unless ur pretty close… and then you compare the Pipe shotgun to the Real Shotgun and the Pipe isn’t even THAT much worse technically…
the pipe shotgun can one shot head a kevlar… contesting fully automatic weapons if you play it right…

the biggest thing in my opinion is the tankiess of large medkits and mainly kevlar… removing kevlar would have a significant impact on gameplay… armor doesn’t require aim its just a buffer to protect you from dying…

but good shooters will laugh at anyone who thinks they need m4s to slaughter as much as they did before they were removed…

once you get to that point where you are comfortable with hitting shots and headshots consistently those small damage differences between the revolver/p250/m4 start to become less of an impact

edit: sorry for the shitty formatting but i was more concerned with getting my thoughts down than polishing my grammar, hopefully you see what im saying in the post, ive been thinking about the military weapons since i started playing 1000 hours ago

It would be nice if craftable weapons were actually craft able weapons. I know I can’t go to walmart and buy the supplies to manufacture an M4 assault rifle. lol

I think more clunky make shift weaponry would be better for the game, as it is a survival game, and could potentially fix the problem of people non stop killing new spawns, or lower the chances of it happening.

I wanna see a good archer be able to hold his own in a gun fight, with many types of bows, longbows for sniping ect… I also think it would be cool to have 100 arrows in a single slot quiver.

Just my opinion.

To be honest I haven’t played in a week, between having to start over every time I enter a server because I constantly have to try to find a new place to play due to many reasons and faults of the game. People on rampages non stop is one of those reasons the game is just not fun to me right now.

Why are they making so much noise then? I don’t buy it.

Last night I was playing with my mate. We had shotguns and pistols. A guy with an m4 killed both of us in a few seconds, before we had any time to react. Later we went back around that spot from a different way and found dead player suitcases everywhere nearby. This guy was just murdering players one after the other with his m4. His joy was from doing this, but that only works as long as he has victims. If that kind of play continues, all the victims will move on and these guys will find it is a lot less fun. They will ruin their own fun.

My mate is an obsessive online FPS player. He has been ranked top 50 in the country on a number of shooters that have leaderboards over the years. I am not too shabby myself, been playing network FPS since original doom and online since quake 2. Neither of us felt we had a chance here. The m4 is just too overpowered unless you also have one.

i beg to differ, my bow over powers almsot every m4 bandit i come across. its all in how you play. The only times i lose is when someone gets the jump on me in tight spaces. Honestly i would take a mp5 over the m4 personally, it has damn near the same stats minus some range and damage, and has like a third of the recoil.


This is Rust.

You are going to have to explain this one a lot more before I am going to buy it either. The only time anyone has killed me with a bow I was unarmed and took them on a good ten minute chase first.

Many posters also want dinosaurs, so I wouldn’t exactly put a lot of faith into what gets posted by users here. However Garry did leave it open that mil weapons might stay, and MaxOfS2D also reaffirmed this.

I’m just going to jump right in and mention this:

If they are going to remove the modern weapons and armour like rad suits (modern) and kev armour (modern), then wouldn’t it be logical to also remove the air drop plane??

What’s more, if they are going to remove these things, why have they been working on making a helicopter???

I am not for or against the removal of modern weapons, if they stay or go, I’ll adapt and couldn’t care less… but it doesn’t make sense to remove modern weapons and modern armour if there’s going to be modern vehicles active in the game like a plane and helicopter.