If this is emulator of reality, then to the end!

Sorry for my English. :slight_smile:

Idea number 1:

Add to defecate and piss off with sounds and heaps of shit, yes, yes it is … Make a toilet. This will force players to be more disciplined.
For example, when the roads will be asking, “Hey, man, you take a shit?” And then the itch that will be very funny and amusing. The same players will be able to hide the loot in a closet, few will want to pick your shit in search of loot. Make this function so that the desire to take a shit hurt gameplay, well, as in life + flies naturally. =)
One thought about what will happen at the same time, makes me hysterical laughter. =))) Of course you decide, dear developers!

Idea number 2:

Add the ability to leave notes on paper, write anything up to 30-50 characters.

Idea # 3:

Flying birds. They do not have enough for realism.

Thank you for your attention!

Idea two and three are great and easily implemented without needing to balance. Idea one is, well… shit.


Love idea nr 1. You will experience an increasing need to go. As the urge increases you will start walking funny, and slow down. If you still dont go you will have an accident. This will slow you down considerably but will work as a repellant against animals. The effectiveness of the repellant is partly decided wether you wear pants or not.

i LOVe shitting! :j

cant wait to put poop in a burlap sack, light it on fire and put it on someones doorstep

now see that’s just ridiculous…

there’s no way to light the bag on fire yet;)


My idea will be in Rust: http://playrust.com/community-update-33/#more-2737

P.S. Sorry… It’s idea dolphin’s June 2013 :)) It’s a FUNNY!!!

#1 I can agree with. If they’re going to make a game with metabolism where thirst and hunger are part of the equation, there should also be a requirement to take a whiz on a regular basis and take a dump at least once a day. I’m not convinced the shit left behind is necessarily something that you should be able to interact with, but I wouldn’t be against laying cable on someone’s door step if I don’t like them… lol

#2 is something that will be possible as of tomorrow’s update with signs, providing the sign owner chooses not to lock the sign.

#3 is a must IMO. The world NEEDS more fauna. This is an island on an ocean. There should be gulls all over the place near the coast. There should be small birds all over the place in the inland forests.