If we're playing RUST, why isn't it RUST?

Honestly I believe that the modern guns should be removed. I noticed that the 9mm is being changed and I love the new idea, but I don’t like the other guns at all. They remove the rusty feel of the game. The pipe shotgun is currently my favorite gun because it looks like rust and trash but it does a great deal of damage. The single shot before reloading makes the gun seem especially handmade and a survivor quality gun. The M4, Shotgun, and all the other modern attachments and guns remove the feel of the game. IMO, they should be removed until a new model of the guns are created. The Bolt Action Rifle greatly interested me because it didn’t look modern, like the M4. It showed a handmade rust quality to it, thus making the weapon fit into the game. Remove those modern guns, balance the game, and make it worth playing. Thanks :slight_smile:

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They put all the guns in

A. To Test.

B. To keep it interesting while they tested and eventually create a balance within the game as they add more items and create a complex environment for us to emerge from.

This question is dumb. Please delete this post.

I have the right to post, so I am doing so. I am posting ideas, they’re probably not going to do anything with this post but I want to see other’s ideas. You don’t have to get so angry, if you don’t like the idea then don’t read my posts and get out.

Very friendly…
This was a good question so stfu and dont insult people for questions…

I agree, though I think the guns are going to be replaced by more “ghetto” if you will, guns. I love the handcannon, that is the kind of gun I like to see in game. Perhaps a single shot musket type gun as a high tier weapon later would be neat too.

i mean this is really Garry’s game after all…

Yes, it is his game. I’m just saying that rustic guns make the game have a survival feel, and it would be very hard to make a M4 that looks exactly like the real thing in the middle of nowhere.

Remember that this is not your game please do come with suggestions but dont expect everything to be exactly how YOU want it. Some people like me love the little “modern” feel this post apocalyptic game has. What do you think would happend to modern rifles and such if shit hits the fan? Would they just vanish? I dont think so. But eighter way great point.

The devs are going for a stalker post apocalyptic feel. I don’t see them removing modern guns completely. I do however would like them make the modern guns more rusty like they are old and worn and has a chance of jamming/not work.

Yes you may have the right to post this as an idea, but that also means you are able to be subject to idiotic responses. As these guns have been in since I can remember I don’t thing they are just going to “take them out” I think they are just going to make them harder to make (like they have already with the low quality crafting in the process of the crafting of these guns’) I do understand that this is an alpha but that doesn’t mean they have to change things that have been in the game its entire span of creation. That being said a game can’t feel “Rusty”, i’m having a hard time seeing what you even mean by that.

It is a silly question honestly, were just testing everything at the moment, it’s alpha. Balancing and new things and such will come much later.

Based on your thread title… I’m not sure why you think you should get to decide what “Rust” is supposed to mean for everyone else.

If you’re complaining about guns now, wait until they implement the Helicopter in the next or so version… then you’ll really be crying.

Not to derail the thread, but I think the Helicopter is a really bad idea…

EDIT: I agree with you, by the way. Modern weapons (and helicopters) don’t fit the current theme of the game.

he has the right… what u said was dumb

Well yeah, they’re unrealistic and horrible for balance. Same with Kevlar. Hopefully all this stuff is optionable though.

What? He offered some suggestions about the game and its theme (RUST). He wasn’t pushy about the suggested changes at all. In no way did he indicate that the game must change to fit his vision “or else!”.

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By “rusty” he means that you should be scavenging for basic materials (rusty metals, wood, rocks) to survive in a post-apocalyptic survival game. He thinks the weapons should be makeshift (pipe shotgun/handmade shotgun), and people shouldn’t be able to craft modern weaponry like M4s with Lasers and Holographic scopes, because that isn’t realistic unless every player is suddenly a weapons engineer/physicist.

So, I have a pistol, an astra 400 to be exact, that the S/N dates it to being used as a german police pistol in WW2.

Now, When I got this gun, the slide was rusted to the frame. there was no barrel, no magazine, missing a few other main parts as well and the slide was dented in a way that would make putting the barrel back in hard.

after some hard work and a lot of solvents, plus another $125 in parts, It is now a fully functioning firearm and is fairly accurate for the crappy barrel I put in it. It originally jammed a few times, but now that the oil has really soaked in, the rust has been completely cleaned off (or as best as it ever will be) and it has ‘worked itself’ back into shape from use, it does not jam on me at all. it does fire a odd bullet though so I don’t shoot it often (I am a collector mainly, though I have a few modern guns just to shoot).

I also have many more firearms that are 60+ years old and in great condition, functioning like the day they came off the factory floor. Firearms will last many lifetimes if they are taken care of.
TL;DR, even a rusted firearm can be repaired to be fully functional with a bit of work and a minimum of supplies.

Well … imagine … if we had a nuclear assault now, and the world goes to hell … and we now end up in a area similar to what RUST is build up on … would all guns and knowledge be lost? Would we not be able to craft anything?? Off course we would … not all would know how … but could learn with a Blueprint :smiley:

With this in mind, I don’t see why we should take out the guns … change texture mappings on them yes … make them rusty … atleast those you find … make the risk of jamming … sound like a great feature … but personally I don’t want to see them gone … I do would see changes on them tho!!! But I can see where the OP want to go with it!! The Suggestion is a valid point from his point of view, but as said, for me … Just small changes, not removing! Rather add more weapons … not like those, but like slingshots, traps and so on!!


Regards, Sgt. Shadz
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