If you can't find mServer, come here!

After finding out that mServer can not be found on the internet, nor the site it was on. Lucky I have the program on my downstairs server (Not In Service).
I remotely zipped, emailed to my self, failed on Gmail, emailed using my Yahoo (No Longer In Service), and drop it onto my site for DOWNLOAD!

Just Visit JMServers and go to the Media & Downloads page!
To install it, just unzip it somewhere on your computer and run the file called mServer.exe
Most of the controls are self-explanatory, so thats not really a problem, but general server setup is needed, excluding game installs/updates.

What? Who are mServers?

Its a server aid by ratman before it disappeared, intill now.
It just manages your server by doing most of the work for you.

2 Questions, Did you get permission to release it, and did you get permission to modify it?

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"I haven’t disappeared, however this is a project I will be remaking in the future (I did remake it twice however I didn’t like it); a newer version will be aimed at running game services/servers in-general - opposed to being Garrysmod specific. Apologies for letting the project slip, I’ve been working on other projects like various media applications and a CMS as of recent. You can also find mServer here:

I’m surprised so many people are still using this piece of crap, I made it during highschool lul."

Made, and wrote by ratboy himself, so.