If you could add anything to the HEV suit, what would it be?

If You Could, what would it be, I’d Want Two Automatic Laser Turrets Mounted to my shoulder =D

super large metallic dick

A nuclear Jetpack

a mute button

nothing, its perfect.

A bagel slicer.

Make it so it protects me from Hazardous Environments.

A working mp3 player

The left hand can turn into a chaingun.

( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9C78b_FhKA#t=6m54s )

What the hell is with you people having the first letter of every word a capitol?

I would like emergency armor that is temporary. Say you are fighting and you lose all of your armor, you can pick up the item for it, use it, and it will give you a certain amount of armor for a short period of time. Basically, a Half-Life version of the pills in Left 4 Dead.

Anyone like this idea?

I would like a extended-life power system (I.e longer underwater, so on so on) and a advanced waste filtering system.

Chells anti fall damage system.
And crysis type cloaking.

Maximum strength

Maximum awesomeness

A helmet

a jetpack

A helm would be cool.

Unlimited flashlight energy.

Replace it for the Nanosuit from Crysis.

Did you actually read the OP?

Never mind the OP, did you read the title?


I’d add shit like knives you could use like Batman from the Dark Knight.

Gawd. I feel like such a geek.