If you could add anything to the HEV suit, what would it be?


A big spike protruding from the suits pelvis area.


Fists, Ma-a-a-a-aximum strenght!

night vision in a helmet er something

Maybe a hand that turns into a missile launcher.

noclip mode
maximum armor
maximum streinth
maximum speed

Holographic floaty display that pops up as your HUD instead of the current one that looks like stickers plastered to your eyes.

Heat vision

A beer cooler! Barney still owes me a beer too!

Stinger. Fucking constant helicopters.

I Would also want An Automatic Ubercharger =D!

I would put sv_cheats 1 on it :3

Honestly? Pornplayer, nothing else needed to be said. It’s like youtube but better. XD

Zetos you’ve come to facepunch

Ass Flap/Dick Zip incase i need a shit/piss.

i would acttivate the hev suits mic so we can actually hear what freeman sounds like lol

raditation and chemical protection

Long Jump Module.

I didn’t like my idea for the HEV suit, I forgot to -snip- it. I don’t want anything added to the HEV suit.