If you could do one new thing to Rust, what would it be?

If you could do ANYTHING to Rust to make you happy, what would you change/add? It doesn’t have to be serious or anything it’s just what makes YOU happy.

ban everyone

if only he was kidding. lmfao

More guns

Take it out to dinner and a movie then kiss it on the cheek and say goodnight.

Add stamina bar

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oh 1 new thing

Random zombie raids. You might see a zombie or a small group of zombies, but one if during the night a the game generated a LARGE pack of zombies. Nothing that would fully overwhelm you but something would definitely want to avoid or take care of immediately and carefully. They could roam around in a single direction attacking anything in their path, player or building. Either lasting until they were killed or until day where they all disperse in a circular direction

-Snip- (Save you all some extra brain cells.)

I’m thinking that beyond being able to play it…

A terrain generator with biomes. :slight_smile:


I’d get my hopes smashed by it after years or torture and regret.

You know ‘looking amazing’ is not the only thing an engine has to fulfil.

Yeah, nothing say’s beautiful like sun glares that take up your entire screen.

add stoves that dont make light. tired of having 2 bases… one to sleep and store my stuff and another to cook meat and metal (decoy base). Keeps bandits away but its a hassle. if we can craft pistols and assult rifles we should be able to craft a stove. thermodynamics man

I would add friendly players who give a bambi a chance and let them join them to learn. :slight_smile:

give myself a key

play it…

I would prefer more commands like /player (name) can open door #2 … but i mean that’s not important now.

i’d lock people in my basement