If you could give the developers a approval rating, What would it be.

Since the launch of Alpha, the Developers have been working hard with rust. An after reading Dev Blog 31 - “http://playrust.com/devblog-31” I felt like this game may be going somewhere after all. I’m starting to feel satisfied again with them and I couldn’t help but wonder if everyone else felt like this too. Ratings is 1-10, with 1 being the lowest feeling of approval and 10 being the greatest.

Also what are you excited most to see in game?

I cannot wait for the new monuments. I feel the Lighthouse is gonna be as popular as satellite. :slight_smile:

Is bumping allowed?

Weather effects(falling Snow, Rain, Wind, Storms, Lightning, rolling tumbleweed, Floods)

More vegetation(moss, lichen, colorful flowers, thicker Forests.)

More variety of animals(birds, spiders, bugs, snakes, cats), especially fishing(spear fishing and line), sharks, dolphins and whales.

Heaps more building and crafting options(furniture etc).

Cosmetic blue prints(custom styles for Factions, Clans and Gangs)

The ability to sit down.(and poop, if you hold it in your character collapses and gets sick or dies, AND to be able to make toilet paper)

BOATS, making viking longboats for raids across the rivers and sea.

Rope Bridges for linking up tree houses, crossing ravines and rivers.

Female character…

more camo items

Home Brewing…:slight_smile:

Fireworks, flares, smoke bombs and smoke signals(their working on this one)

More weapons, swords(viking swords and shields)

thats all i can think of now…

I feel like a third of that will come down to community created content.[Swords, camo, cosmetics, crafting options]

These sound amazing. I cannot wait for these. I think it would be cool to be able to ride horses, maybe have them wild in the game and you gotta catch them and break them as in real life. Not sure if they are adding these but ive seen it suggested a few times :slight_smile: