If you could have one request...

I’m not sure if this has ever been asked, but if you could have one thing put in the game, what would it be?

For me, I would want procedurally generated maps. Every time a server is reset a random map is created. This will make every server have a different world, and no more “server is reset let’s head over to place X to stake our claim.” Admittedly once live the server resets will slow down to next to none, but it would also mean that if you found a map you liked you’d not want to leave.

Just a thought.

Due to the current way the game and Unity as a whole treats the game map, that’s very very unlikely. Games like Minecraft get away with it because voxels are easily manipulateable. Prebaked map meshes, not so much.

Unity supports voxel based terrains, well with the addition of plugins purchased separately, but it shows that it can be done. http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/187741-Voxeland-Voxel-Terrain-Tool

I’m aware that anything pre-baked is static by nature. This is just a “All I want for Christmas” thread. :slight_smile:

So far i’m content with where the game is going, and i hate to add my opinion into a game that could ruin such artwork. That said i would like stone walls that take tons of stone which is already pretty rare, so communities can build central castles for themselves

One small storage container that nobody can loot/raid.

Stone walls are confirmed to be on the way, sir. Read garrys AMA

A way to see the server list because mine wont load no matter what I do

To be able to play Rust with Oculus Rift.

Love and peace.

I would ask for nothing. Let the devs decide whats best instead of all the stupid suggestions threads repeating tue same stuff every day

We thank you for this valuable contribution. I can’t wait to see if/how they implement that.

How about the ability to dig? This would go with my first thought, and would require a more voxel based map generation, but instead of building huge towers you could burrow into the side of a hill. Pitfall being I guess then someone could just dig into the other side of your house, so you’d have to be able to dig, then build inside the cave.

I’d like to see Groups or Clans! Some way to identify friendlies.

An in-game fix for external gamma manipulation.

I want to fear the night again for the RIGHT reasons, and not have to adjust my gamma so i don’t get ganked by every other player doing it. Seriously, that is all i want. :slight_smile:

My first post here, hiya. :slight_smile:

If there was anything I’d want to add to Rust (That probably wasn’t already being considered, anyway), it’d be auto-translate. I know that’s probably out of the question for the time being, I guess it’s just wishful thinking.

Reason being, I have a friend who runs a server and we get a lot of Chinese and Koreans. I’m not worried about them finding me, I’d just rather be able to converse with them as they might NOT be hackers and might be good people. It’s just that pesky language barrier being in the way, and me being a Yank and all.

Again, I have a feeling autotran is out of the question, so I guess I’m content for now.

Female Playermodels. Yes! Breasts!

If not… sadface then a train that players can drive around would be cool. (Imagine the raiding parties.)

I really hope the devs look and read these threads and give some feedback as well. Would be neat to be able to maybe give them ideas that maybe they never thought of.

As for me there are a couple things I would love to see implemented in the game.

  • instead if sharing ALL your doors with people maybe be able to put a “code” on your doors so you can choose which doors you’d like to share with others. (Ie. the main door shared with your friends but your “room” door only you)

-I know this is probably being worked on already but a more in depth crafting system that makes it harder to go from a rock to M4 in a hr or less (other then finding it)

  • more options for building, maybe a gate house. So people can really build communities.

  • instead of zombies (since they’re being removed), maybe roaming groups of npc bandits that will attack houses and players.

  • Make guns deteriorating at a faster pace then housing. That way you can’t just stoke up on 10 m4s. Make them rarer.

-blue prints can be forgotten or maybe limit the number of things you can learn so you’ll need friends to build other things. This would enhance trade greatly I think (or mass killings lol)

-maybe when crafting things you need a few more steps before it can be completed.

  • when crafting at a workbench, be able to leave the crafting item at the workbench while you walk away, so you don’t have to stand there or be crippled.

  • maybe let people “specialize” in certain things, like medic, engineer, army, political etc.

There are so many ideas. This game has tons of potential. I love where it’s at right now and am very excited to see it progress. I havnt played pvp yet but I wouldn’t be afriad of playing it now since I know the game enough to get by. And have read enough forum posts to learn a thing or two.

Thanks for reading. Hope my ideas aren’t to stupid lol

Love this idea. Well i’d like it to be a server option at least. :slight_smile:

I would like for te desync bug to be gone if I could have one thing in this game

Perhaps have specializations. You have to find the right “book” (manual/textbook/whatever) and that unlocks a certain class of blueprint. You can only use 1 book. Each specialization unlocks a certain type of blueprint. For instance, metal construction (housing), explosives (bullets/c4), guns, cooking (for better foods, with buffs perhaps), tailoring (for cloth/leather armour), armour smithing (kevlar and more advanced things, maybe shields) (both less advanced and more advanced/rare types of armour have their place, really). Some sort of fletchery thing for making bows, crossbows, arrows, bolts, etc. The list goes on.

Great idea, though I just read there’s an entire area dedicated to suggestions. My bad.