If you could make a gamemode..

Just a little fun thread idea that popped into my head. So I’m sure we’ve all had an idea at one point for a gamemode we thought would be cool. So what is it?

Ever play battle tanks for N64? Mine is a sort of like that, an arcade-ish prop-tank battle game. With all the obligatory game variations like TDM, free for all, capture the object, KOTH, etc. Weapon powerups/upgrades spawn every so often around the map, and at the beginning of the round players can customize 3-5 parts of their tank. There would only be about 3-5 parts per category, chassi, turret, engine, etc. For added fun you could put in an obligatory point shop, selling different parts, chrome trim for your tank, decals, and hats.

So welcome to the thread, relax, share your idea, have fun.

Some space thingy mod. In a space map. No gravity. A bit like flying. Rotating your head thingy. And space manz players.

or an SCP containment breach sort of survival gamemode.

A non-shitty RP gamemode that doesn’t have to be restrictive as fuck

I remember this time me and my friend owned a TTT community and did this thing one night with all the admins and regulars where we spawned in a shit load of manhacks with ulx and tried to survive through as many waves of them as we could. It would be amazing if this was a gamemode. We ended up calling it the TTT Manhack Survival and did it every 2 weeks or so.

A gamemode where you use the redirection cube thing from Portal to try and kill people with lasers.

That already exists.


a recreation of the Mandrill Maze survival map from L4D2