If you had host_timescale control , in real life ,what would you do ?

For those who don’t know what is the “host_timescale” command , it’s a command where you can control the time speed. Default is 1 , 0.5 is half-speed ,2 is double speed

So what would you do if you had the control of this command…IN REAL LIFE !

Me , i will set the timescale to slowmotion , so i can finish my homework and have more free time.

Being able to slow down time would be amazing, I’d juggle random crap.

I have an another idea.

Buy a gun.

Set the timescale to slow.

Doing epic battle matrix like. :smiley:

Hm, make the year 2011.

Why would you bother with this; it basically has almost nothing to do with Garry’s Mod. I’d rather post a thread in Fast Threads called ‘What would you do if you could change or reverse the speed of time?’.

host_timescale also affects your movement, meaning it’ll take forever just to write some words, or even to pick up your own pencil. :v:

host_timescale 0.01, sleep, host_timescale 0.1 when I enjoy something.

I would take a big crap and see how it falls in slow-motion.

and yet another one

So , you will sleep like 1200 hours , so it’s like you’re wasting 50 days of your life , a record !

Get into shootings that I will always win…always

Slow down boobs bouncing.

You know you want too.

Switching to host_timescale .05 when I’m about to hit the climax with my girlfriend


… if that would ever happen

Throw some shit around

Considering the fact that only your spacial movement is effected, but you’re freely able to look around at any speed, I think it’s rather physics/gravity that’s restricting you from doing anything beyond waving your arms and legs and looking around. So technically, you could still do homework and shit at a normal speed, you just couldn’t move around a lot.

set host timescale 0

I’d slow down time, take out your wallet, and check your thumbprint to see if you the real Fleskhjerta. I know I’ve seen you before somewhere.

If that’s really him he’d rather forget his past youtube videos.
I won’t post it here. Google it.

I’d set host_timescale 999999999999999999999999 and crash the world. :smug:

host_timescale 0

Knowing me I’d probably do it on accident and end the world with the touch of the enter k–