If You Had The Remover Tool In Real Life What Would You Do?

Title says its all.


:razz:i will remove Earth from our galaxy and make us fall into deep space BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Am I the only one with it?

seriously? weren’t you asking this in another post?

No? I’m just wondering, does other people have it, or just me?

What I would do:

Anyways, I would remove the remover gun, corrupting space time continuum, causing a black hole to suck everything in.

yes he is!!

Remove Obama from the human race.

You know this is just a joke.

good god man!

I’d clean up my room with it because I’m lazy.

Remove this thread.

I’d remove all these fucking stupid shitthreads.


I’d remove the trash can that you live in.

Remove Justin Bieber

I’d go around removing celebrities houses for fun.
Does this gun come with an undo function?


remove OP

Remove WBC.

I dunno what to remove… D:

I knew someone would beat me to this.

i would remove all the ugly people