If you had the spawn menu

If you had the spawn menu in real life, what would you spawn?

Alyx ragdoll

Enable godmode from the options tab and take some SWEPs.

naked alyx…

Ask what people would buy, spawn it, profit.

Noclip into the girls locker room.

Or just spawn money straight away.

but the assault money is false…

anyway Naked Alyx Ragdoll and LOTS of flammable stuff

Go to people and ask them to break 10 bucks :3:

Hmmm… Spam cash, nude alyx, SWEPs and enable godmode

or maybe go to a bank and AdvDupe the vault.

Oh yeah !!


Just Kidding.
I’d Use Something smaller so you wouldnt notice :3:

I would make a bathtub car or a rocket.

I’d Spawn myself a Working PC

And then spawn a Cinder Block to smash up this laptop.

I would get out a nuke.


I would spawn a girl ragdoll and wip it around the room… If you get my drift…

I also would spawn a PHX bomb and wip it at my math teacher. She sucks at teaching…

SO many Alyx ragdoll spawners.

Its kinda sad, go outside.

Naked Alyx, Scouts Mom, and Billy Mays

Spam props and crash the world.