If you had the Toolgun in real life, what would you do?

Tell everybody what you would do if you had the Gmod Toolgun in real life.

And don’t forget to describe the stool if it isn’t a normal one.

I would teach LUA, and write addon to stop time, and then fuck my ant

I would dupe people’s stuff,


I would use the inflator to make some titts bigger. :smiley:

I would use device that can freeze time and using my built in spawn menu and noclip I would rule the world. :slight_smile:

It’d be awesome duping everything, money included. Would never have to work or learn a thing, just do… well, whatever I want. Also, NPC zombie spawners! Woo!

Id build a garrysmod.org building, download a stacker tool, stack a thousand buildings and then remove the one at the bottom

I used the duplicator stool to dupe stuff I like :smiley:


Also help other people using it.

Use remover tool with school.


Where’s the Good Idea Rating when we need it

Set people on fire with the ignite tool.

remove wemons clothes with the remover gun

I’ll make my own coulour Invisible so I’ll can do Amazing Things :downs:

weld my fingers together then go to A&E

Yeah, I would duplicate money…

Until I had millions!

I would use the stargate cloak stool, teleport to the electronic’s section of wallmart and adv-dupe every item, and sell them on ebay.

I’d make a prop protect tool and make everything protected to their owners, so you, can’t do anything with your tools!


Make people I find attractive but dislike as persons do naughty poses with their relatives :q:

^ Yes indeed ^

I would weld my teacher to his desk.

Duplicate Earth. Adv of course, never know when another Earth might come in handy.