If you had the Toolgun in real life, what would you do?

I will learn lua to make a code to go back in time, then copy dinosaurs, then paste them in a cage for a cage match!

I would easy weld peoples cars to buildings

I would duplicate Earth, freeze the original, wreak havoc on the dupe Earth, blow it up, and then unfreeze the original Earth. All the fun I could ever want and no one ever knows.

I would weld my school-enemy’s feet together… FOREVER!

Tiptodog >> Hell yea! :smiley: Indeed.

I would duplicate some houses in the blank land for homless guys. :smiley:

I would duplicate a Lamborghini and put thursters on the back and turrets on the hood. Then I would make it weight less. And then join a drag race and win iligal :smiley:

I know how to make an Alarm with the Wire Mod, so I’ll put an alarm to my house, I’ll not need pay someone to wait 150 days for he install me an alarm. :v:


Also with the wiremod make some Friendly Robot follow you everywhere and help you.


And when someone threat you at the school or somewhere, you hide your robot with the color stool, and when you’re at the threat beast guy, he’ll cut his face. :smiley:

If I don’t like somebody, I’d use material and make them brick. If I HATE somebody, I’d use the ignite tool, let’em burn for a while, then remove them. NO EVIDENCE.

Oh, and dupe anything I wanted, or money to get it.

Easy weld my sister to a train by her hair.

no-collide. That is all.

I would remove people i don’t like and burn stuff.

Stacker tool.
Oh yes.

Black hole people.

Hm, I would probably walk down the sidewalk, Peek into stroller containing babies, and then balloon the babies and watch as they fly off into the sun… never to return. Then I would ignite the stroller to dispose of the evidence. What baby officer? This woman’s crazy.

Deflate my moobs.

Go into TESCO and trash it.

  1. Duplicate gasoline, so gas prices wouldn’t be so freaking high.

  2. Duplicate money for my own personal gain.

  3. Duplicate a mansion, and live in it.

  4. Unbreakable my mansion, in case if someone discovers my toolgun.

  5. Adv dupe save my cat, in case if he dies.

  6. Use my toolgun as security; create a hoverdrive jail that will teleport and trap any people who invade me.

  7. Maybe later on, fight crime with the said teleporting jail, and make improvements to it.

Spawn an army of Indistructable Combine Soldiers Npcs to Take over the World!!! Even though it would cause some lag. hehe

Use the remover tool on earth.

I’d use the dynamite tool