If you have time, Check out this Abuse!

Sorry about the random lag spikes (internet isnt the best)

DONT JOIN: Naked Men army Server…


(User was banned for this post ("Bad thread" - Gurant))

Its normal :slight_smile:

Watch out man, I posted a thread like this and I got banned for a week because it was in the wrong section.

Nah. I’m not discussing a server or asking about it. Just informing people how bad admin abuse is these days…

pillarcading is against the rules on a lot of servers…

You put Don’t join, then named the server. You then showed the admin on the server abusing their power because they were getting killed/raided. Same thing I showed in my post, so why are you putting a disagree on my post?

I wouldn’t concern yourself with it, he’s already been banned for the exact same thing. Just report and move on.

Think what you want. But this post is just to show how admins can abuse their power. that is all.

I was banned because they thought i was aimbotting… After showing them this video they still thought i was aimbotting… So said

Oh no, I understand what the post is for, that’s not the issue. It’s that it’s in the wrong place.
I wasn’t talking about being banned from the server. I was talking about being banned from the forum.

No, you were banned because you were pillarcading an admin’s base. What were you expecting to happen?

karma. You are wrong. The admins said nothing about pillarcading. Sorry homie

I think we all know how bad admin abuse can be these days. Come up with a better excuse.