If you implement Dinosaurs...........

The game would just be another clone. Of this.


Vid of Developer riding dinosaur ;

That being said, I wouldn’t put Dinosaurs as a replacement.

Anytpe of wildlife is bad imo to keep longterm for loot… I personally can’t see myself farming dinosaurs, seeing as I HATE the red bears/wolves idea…(But I understand they’re a filler.) I mean, how can a dinosaur drop metal walls/c4/blueprints? Why would it be carrying these items…??
Military, aliens, or robots would make more sense. Especially considering Rust’s ‘Post Apocalyptic’ setting. Dinosaurs have been extinct FAR longer than thermonuclear weapons have been around.

That being said, I personally favor Aliens. I think it would be really cool, it would open up ALOT of possibilites to the game.

For example ; there could be added alien tech you can craft after getting blueprints. (Futuristic weapons, equipment, etc. is stuff you don’t see in most open world fps’s. Plus it would add some things extremely hard to craft to the late-game.)

Also, It could allow airdrops to be dropped by UFO’s. Eventually, It would be cool to be able to make make-shift helicopters, and be able to combat NPC UFO patrols for cargo. Or intercept alien ground convoys.

I think these things would be a refreshing change of pace for games in general.

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Dinosaurs can drop things from the people they have eaten, so its not a problem, that said I don’t really want to farm any AI. I would rather if they were just there to be a threat and keep unprepared people away from the large resources areas.

Also I think this stomping land looks like it could be a pretty great game but two games could have Dinosaurs and not be the same game. Rust will always be about the base building and open world PvP.

I’m not just pro dinosaur but I don’t want any AI that shoots, it would be very complex to have the necessary AI for military units spread across a large server with 200 people. AI military never worked in DayZ and it wouldn’t work here, people just sit outside there aggro range and snipe them, or find other easy ways to trick the system when AI is involved.

If people did fight them how would you define there attacks, CS:GO and other games with bots really don’t cut it. The only other humans should be other players.

I honestly don’t know why people are getting so up in arms about this. Gary isn’t going to just choose some bullshit replacement for the wolves and bears. And whatever he chooses hell have a good reason for it.

Dude, check the flipping date, this was posted in october … Long before the removal of the zombies was even announced

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