If you were a prop, what you whould be ?

lol, what whould you be if you were a prop from gmod ?

I whould be the combine helicopter. :smiley:

the crate, because it is cool

E2 prop.

a toilet

Alyx’s gun ;D, She would like to touch me a lot and push my buttons


Or her thongs.


Or her T-shirt


Or any part of underwear

A Computer




Melon :v:

Bullet Shell

2x4 PHX plate.

The helicopter bomb

It have been tallied to be the prop that gets spawned the most amount of times my new players, because it is the first prop on the first spawn list.

Tsar Bomb from G-bomb >:D


That barrel that got crushed by telekinesis, cos it’s cooler than a regular barrel :smile:

Saw blade.

Melon. Or flare.

soda can

motherfucking cargo container