If you were Garry, what would you add in the next update?

Just post exactly what you’d want.

I wouldn’t do anything because I can’t release an update that I worked hard on without catching shit from some cunts because I broke their shittily coded LUA.

I would attempt to make welds stop flexing(like ultra-welds).I would also like to try and fix most of the problems we have on Gmod today.

Would release an update with a hardcoded ban for you.


(User was banned for this post ("Don't be an arsehole to people" - UberMensch))

Right back at ya

Oh and yeah we need a better weld tool.

Even though these are addons but if we had permission to we should have wire added to gmod as a basic tool.

Weld tool will not get better. Period.
LOL :iceburn:

Guess you’re right.

A patch setting everything back to pre-Engine update times

Fuck off teddi.

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I would connect all servers into one big world kind of like war of the servers!

Don’t defend the mattard, your dignity is not worth it.

No offense but that one hell of a mingebag idea :frowning:

If that happened it’d connect the few of the servers with “lua viruses” to it and we’d all be spamming messages and jumping and hopping all day long.



Also, on a non related matter with a PM:

And there’s no one called Mattard in this thread. And no we wouldn’t, as we would have antidotes, just like Gmod 9.

I said fuck off Teddi because Teddi is actually sexy. Fuck off Hexpunk, you have no dignity.


Also, 4,000 posts in 10 months?


Also you’re ban’d so it doesn’t matter. For a contribution, if I were Garry, I’d add nothing. The games already broken.

HAHAHAH thanks for helping notice that * SCREEN SHOT :smiley: *

dynamic water or atleast the hud effects crysis has when you’re being rained on

Easier said than done… WAAAYYYYYY easier said than done… actually, I think that’s impossible with the current Source Engine.

I would take out every spawnicon and replace them with pre Ob update style browse, no icons, just text

If you look closer you can change the view of the spawnicons to text on the Q menu.

I would add in an NPC that teaches all the cool kids how to write english properly.