If your polish and your looking for a team this post is for you

Witam nasza stara drużyna postanowiła z powrotem zagrać w Rusta jeżeli ktoś może chciałby dołączyć mój steam to PolanDestructor
Wymagania :
Wiek 16+

In English (but u cant join if you dont speak polish)
Hello our old team want to play rust again and if somebody want to play with us my steam is PolanDestructor
Requirements :
Age 16+


hi, i want to join ur team but im 12 years old, can i still join? i do not speak polisch but i do speak english. please let me in i have made a logo for you guys



I don’t care much for Poland.

ctrl + F4

Dat logo tho. On a more serious note nice work. Every clan starts on windows paint.

Might be better asking on steam forum, More Polish speakers there.

I only know a few words, and none of them are nice.

I believe the rust polish forums are on world of tanks forum.

I made this post for polish people who are watching this forum and are looking for teamates tho

Folks from Poland don’t play video games. No time for entertainment when there are toilets to clean.

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