If you're going to remove guns...

If y’all are gonna remove guns and put in non-firearm replacements, please do it sooner rather than later.

My reason for this is the same as the zombie removal. The longer they stay in, the more attached we’ll get to them and the more upset we’ll be when you remove them.

How dare You not to praise God Garry for new sky and water?! You better watch out cuz, I just saw one poor basterd that got banned by Garry himself for questioning content in updates…

Lol yea he got banned but I think that was more for being an asshole rather than just disagreeing with the changes.

To the OP: I don’t know if they will actually be removed. I was under the impression that they would become more rare and possibly uncraftable but I don’t anyone really knows for sure what’s going to happen.

Rule #1
“Garry doesn’t need to provide a legitimate reason to ban anyone. These are his forums. If you’re a dick to him he will ban you no matter how right or wrong you are.”

I still love it.

I wouldn’t mind seeing them replaced, but that’s not quite the same as replacing the “Zombies” placeholder. They wandered aimlessly and provided loot, much the same way the red bears/wolves do. Remaking the guns and changing out placeholders seems like a much bigger task. I’d like to see it moved up in priority myself, but I have a feeling it’s quite a large undertaking and not just a skin-swap.

Uncraftable military weapons that are found in airdrops only would be pretty cool, there would only be so many guns in circulation to the point that one M4 would go around 15-20+ more times lol

Clans fighting over a bunch of mp5’s would be hilarious while the rest of the gamers focus on bases to stop c4 + gnads, and practice using bows and pipe shotguns.

If they remove military weapons we would need a single shot pipe rifle to make up for the lack of variety of primitive weapons. I’m not talking about a sniper either, a rifle with the range of a revolver.
Scale of primitive weapons should follow: Best: junk launcher, 2nd revolver, 3rd pipe shotgun/ pipe rifle, 4th bow/ throwing spears, 5th and etc variety of melee weapons.

Keep c4 and gnads and all other guns but make them rare, c4 shouldn’t be as rare as kev +m4s. Rarest items should be fancy military weapons, c4 is Rust so we need access to house raiding stuff. Raiding should be the main focus of the game: defending your home and attacking others. Military gear is just there for the lucky few. A pipe rifle should be the best choice for experienced shooters since they would be single shot, low range and cheap. M4’s would be just too risky to lose, but definitely gear you would horde just to defend your house with.

Do not listen to forum folk, removing guns from Rust is not going to happen. There could be tweaks or removal of certain guns (although I hope not just from personal preference) but the people who push this line of thinking would just whine that someone murdered them with a bow.

In reality it would really hurt the PvP aspects of this game to really nerf weapons. Most fights would end with someone running away which already happens now with the bad aim of most players.

I think down grading guns could work,
Booby traps would be a great feature to focus on.


OK, so you have already contradicted your first sentence in your second.

Balancing this game is going to mean making sure different plays styles work. Lots of PvP people seem to want to make a lot of noise about any changes to weapons this while calling other players carebears who cant shoot and should learn to play, etc. Basically, “we are the real players and you idiots are going to ruin our game!”

It is pretty arrogant to think your particular approach to a game is the real or correct way of playing and everybody else is doing it wrong.

Gimme spears!

I could see tweaks and personally I hope some high level guns remain, but that is just an opinion. The OP was talking about the complete removal of guns which is not going to happen. At worst it could be thrown together weaponry which I would not like to see, at best you will see more homemade items and less high end military loot either by not allowing it to be crafted or making it extremely expensive to craft. Maybe they go for only having homemade ineffective weapons and I gave a compelling reason why that would be boring without using the term carebear or insulting those who tend to enjoy PvE more.

I was never implying that “my way” was the correct way. I made an observation based on experience that many people have terrible aim (I did when I first started playing it is an acquired skill in any game) and if we went with only homemade one shot guns you would see most PvP encounters end with someone running away. My opinion is that would be boring, you might have a different opinion which is fine.

Spears would be awesome and so would booby traps.

The guy you quoted is exactly why I think the military weapons are UNbalanced… here is how 97% of EVERY RUST ENCOUNTER ENDS…

A. someone runs away.


B. you get killed with 1-2 shots and there is no counter play.

Yeah when I have a 9mm or a bow yeah I do run. Why? because i’m a pussy? no, because I can’t win against someone was a M4 or a BAR… plane and simple.

Honestly, I’d be fine if they took the M4, MP5, and any other modern firearms completely out of the game. Other things:

  1. Leave pipe shotgun and handcannon. Both are pretty primitive, so that works.
  2. Leave bow. In addition, add an option of upgrading the bow to a more refined re-curve bow that is more accurate and does more damage.
  3. Add spears. If you can make a bow, you damn sure can make spears.
  4. Add a sling (or slingshot). Another thing you can make in the wilderness, and also puts perfect use to all those damn stones we’ve been getting lately.

I could go on for days with things that would be improvements over the typical BF/CoD type guns we’ve seen a million damn times.

+1 but add Pipe Rifles too

Yeah, I was going to say that, but then considered the fact that anything technically “primitive” wouldn’t be very accurate at a distance anyway.

Gimme machine gun, leave the rest with pipes.

OK, but many have been a lot more whiny and all “Im quitting rust forever!” kind of thing.

As for weapons, I think the problem is that the m4 is overpowered and way too flexible. I would like to see a lot more variety in weapons, where positive attributes of the weapons are balanced out by negative attributes or exceptional rarity. Rarity can also be a weakness because it makes the holder of the weapon a target.

What would be great is if there is no magic “best weapon”. Different weapons at the same “level” should give different advantages and disadvantages in different situations. Might seem a strange comparison, but a game like Team Fortress 2 has great ways of balancing out the weapons for different classes. Weapon choice is about your play style and tactics, rather than simply being good weapons or bad weapons.

Their probably gona make them really rare and uncraftable.

With recoil in this game it would be like trying to slice cheese with a chainsaw.

You don’t want machine gun.

Garry stated in his AMA that it’s possible they will just become harder to get, and MaxOfS2D has mirrored this statement. Seems more likely they aren’t going away completely.